An overview of the Xenoblade Chronicles saga: all the games

If we asked many of the users who own one of the most beloved consoles in Nintendothe Wiifor some of your favorite video games for this one, surely in your lists we can find Xenoblade Chronicles. A saga whose roots come from Xenogears/Xenosaga that, although they are great titles, they did not have such a great recognition, such as the one that today is attributed to Xenoblade.

It has also helped a lot that the first title has been rescued for switch and that the thing has not been left here and continue betting on the saga, taking out different installments. Only recently were we able to discover that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It’s closer than we thought Monolith Soft, not only surprises us with the title that we did not expect, but also decides to advance it to next July 29. do you want more Xenoblade? We certainly do and today we bring you a review of all the titles that we can find and in what order to play them if you still do not know this wonderful world. Let’s get started!

All the games of the Xenoblade saga

Xenoblade Chronicles

This first title can be found on more than one console and with different versions. In 2011 we could see it for the first time in Wiione of the three fundamental pillars together with The Last Story Y Pandora´s Tower regarding the catalog JRPG of said console.

We are in a world called Bionisa huge titan in which life has been created on top of him, he died some time ago after a fight against mekonis, the great mechanical titan. Our protagonist is Shulk and the bearer of a relic called cute, a sword capable of dealing damage to machines and the power to see the future. This along with a group of heroes will set course through huge and picturesque scenarios to save the world.

We could also see it in nintendo new 3ds, being able to enjoy it in 3D and with improved visuals, did you play this version or otherwise in the version of Wii?

Xenoblade Chronicles

  • Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition + Connected Futures

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition It came to Nintendo Switch in 2020 with a facelift that incredibly improved the base game that we could see some time ago, not only that, but it also had some changes, the most notable at the lore level and that can go unnoticed is the change in a character that makes us think that he will have a very important role in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 based on what was experienced in the second part and thus unite these two titles even more. We won’t go too deep into this to avoid spoilers, but you can easily find it if you didn’t notice the change.

We also have a new epilogue, where Shulk Y melia come together in a new adventure to delve deeper and learn more about the people of the latter and help them bond with each other. If you have never played any game, we highly recommend starting with this version since not only has it improved in terms of graphics, but the lore changes promise to be important, in addition to the epilogue.

Xenoblade ChroniclesX

The only title that is not available in switch and that many fans are still waiting for it to arrive sooner rather than later, Xenoblade ChroniclesX is available in Wii U. If you don’t own this console and want to keep the story in order, don’t worry, by playing the numbered games you can reach the third part without problems, although this does not mean that it is a pity that you cannot play the title of the favorite saga of many fans.

After a long battle, the Earth is destroyed, the last human survivors are forced to flee. Finding a new home will not be an easy task and after much searching, they are attacked by the enemy. These survivors will have to survive in Looka planet full of dangers.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The first title to reach switch It was Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in 2017. Accompany Rex Y Pyra in his search for Elysium, the lost home of this Blade that will grant great power to our protagonist. Together with a whole team of memorable characters we will have to go through Alrest and the sea of ​​clouds until you reach the center of everything. A story that will catch you from minute one and is full of exciting moments. If you are fans of the genre and want a demanding combat system, but very satisfying once you get the hang of it, this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 you will not be disappointed.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: TORNA~ The Golden Country

This expansion of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it can be played before or after finishing its predecessor, although my recommendation is to do it after. It is a prequel in which we will travel to the past, specifically to Torna, a titan that people lived with, and we will know much of the lore on which the second title is based. As well as many characters that return and that we will be able to know in more depth, highlighting above all the past of Jin and its carrier, parrot.

We will also know the past of two very important characters at the level of the history of Xenoblade 2, in this part some aspects of the combat have been improved, being even more interesting. Being an expansion, its duration is less than that of the main titles, but, even so, it is still enormous and can take us around 25 or 30 hours, which I highly recommend living through.

And we can only wait for the third installment that is about to drop and that promises to unite the first and second titles to give us even more exciting content.

And you Nintenderos, are you looking forward to this Xenoblade Chronicles 3? In which version did you play the first title? do you think it will come to switch the X? We read you!

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