An unpunctual president? Juanita Gómez puts the magnifying glass on Gustavo Petro for being late for dinner with Joe Biden

President Gustavo Petro had not agreed on a bilateral meeting with Joe Biden, it’s true. It is also true that more than 150 leaders from around the world were invited to the dinner scheduled in New York, within the framework of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN). However, it is not the first time that the Colombian head of state has been late for a compromise.

Juanita Gómez put the magnifying glass on Petro and sustained that, since his candidacy to succeed Iván Duque in the House of Nariño, he was characterized by his unpunctuality. The same thing happened just after he took office and, as was evident on September 21, it continues to happen to him.

Is it selflessness? No, what Gómez suggests in the following video, shared on SEMANA’s Instagram account, is that it may be due to a lack of coordination; Apparently, that happened in the United States. Here is an account of what other times he was late or did not arrive.

Dinner with Biden in the United States

According to the official agenda of the Casa de Nariño, at 7 pm on September 22, New York time, a reception dinner was scheduled for Biden, as the host country of the UN General Assembly.

Well, SEMANA learned that the president’s agenda ended at 6:45 pm, after holding a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Støre, so he was running out of time. Now, added to that when Petro was on his way to dinner, the road was blocked by the official entourage of President Biden.

The time he stood up the mayors

As reported by Juanita Gómez in SEMANA, Petro had already stood up more than 400 mayors as president-elect. It was on August 2 when the leaders of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities were waiting for him in the Red Room of the Hotel Tequendama, where with shouts and boos they questioned his absence. In his replacement, the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, and the counselor Luis Fernando Velasco arrived.

What Petro argued at that time is that he was with a “commission made up of national and international experts” receiving the complete joint report on national security and defense. The meeting, assured his team, could not be interrupted to attend the commitment with Fedemunicipios.

He also failed to comply with Andi and the Armed Forces

Gustavo Petro also made Colombian businessmen wait longer than necessary, at an event organized by the National Association of Colombian Businessmen (Andi) on August 12. How long was it? Five hours, in Cartagena.

Four days later, he canceled the recognition event for the armed troops. According to high-ranking sources of the Government of the Historical Pact, the ceremony was postponed because the issuance of several decrees that would allow the full support of the normative act had yet to be issued., in which the new military leadership that was chosen by the Colombian president was also going to be presented. Now, The president’s response is that it was due to a severe stomach ache.

Petro’s most recent breach was at the opening of the 21st National Congress of the Confederation of Cooperatives on September 15. Two days later, the Presidency announced that it was due to acute bronchitis, according to the diagnosis of his doctor, Jairo Roa.

What Juanita Gómez reports in SEMANA is that, during her candidacy for the Presidency, she also used to arrive late for both the interviews and the debates organized by some of the media.

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