Ana de Armas and her trick for flawless lipstick: discover her secret

Ana de Armas is considered one of the most successful actresses of this time. It is known for Incredible beauty and great performance, Born on April 30, 1988 in Havana, Cuba, she showed great interest in acting since she was young.

Her career began when she was twelve years old in her native country, but in 2006 she moved to Spain to become a professional actress. his work has taken him From television to big screen superstarAnd now, he can also be seen in one of Warner Bros.’s most popular films, “Knives Out”.

Anna is known for her Elegance and natural beauty, and have a feminine style With a modern touch. Many of Anna’s fans are attracted by her very beautiful lipstick.

lip preparation

lip preparation

Ana de Armas starts her lip routine with good preparation. This means that you must Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick, so that the color looks uniform and the lips look smooth and soft. The most gentle way to exfoliate your lips is with a mixture of honey, sugar and a few drops of lemon.

Next, apply lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and comfortable. If you want extra shiny lips, You can use a little lip gloss product, Choosing the right lip balm will make your lips look healthier and your lipstick colors will look better.

color line and precise illustration

The right way to apply lipstick to get the Ana de Armas look is to use a color tone that matches the natural color of your lips. it would be appreciated A transition between the natural color of your lips and the natural color of the lipstick, It is ideal to use tones similar to your natural color to achieve a natural look.

When applying lipstick, start from the middle of your lips and begin tracing the line with the pencil. there is a bar line correctly applied to the lipsThe rest of the lips will need to be filled in to complete the result.

To understand the exact steps Anna uses for her lips, it’s important to keep in mind the three steps you need to follow. First, cut the line exactly according to the shape of your lips. use pencil Slowly and with gentle movements, taking care to follow the outline Of lips.

Second, fill in the inside edge with pencil for a professional look. Then, Fill in the remaining lips To complete perfection. The result should be a defined line without blurring.

Beauty Blender and Lip Gloss

Beauty Blender and Lip Gloss

Once the entire lip outline is defined and filled in, a tool is needed to create the perfect look. The tool Anna recommends is a beauty blender, A sponge for applying makeup.

The sponge absorbs excess moisture from the lips, which prevents natural juices from mixing together With lipstick.

Simply sponge the edges for more realism. While manipulating the lips and sides with the sponge, Will ensure better application on the lips And the border line will be strengthened.

Anna’s next step is to apply lip gloss over the lipstick. Choose a glow with A soft color that matches your lipstick for more volume, Anna recommends that you apply the gloss from the middle and fade out towards the ends. For a long-lasting look, use a little touch of clear glitter.

Transparent powder and matte lipstick

One of the most important steps that Ana implements to enhance the lips is applying translucent powder. it does it for Seal lip makeup and keep lips hydrated, This will enhance the color and the lipstick will last longer.

When mixing powder, use a sponge to apply a light layer of powder directly to the lips. this step This will prevent glitter from accumulating at the edges of your lips.Which will ensure that the look of your lips remains intact.

One of Ana de Armas’ most popular looks is matte lipstick. To get this look, It is relevant to carry out the routine of the previous steps, However, it is important to use a primer so that the matte pencil applies and stays on the lips.

Pre-base is an important step, as it will help the color last longer and be softer. Then, Press your lips with a tissue and apply the pencil in the same manner. In which she had applied glossy lipstick to get perfect lips.

Lipstick, Key of Ana de Armas


Ana de Armas also opts for lipstick, which achieves a natural effect and is ideal for everyday looks. choose some shades that matches the natural color of your lipsThis way the color will look more soft.

As in the previous step, apply primer to your lips. This will prevent the bar from penetrating the hair skin or pores, which can cause uneven appearance, Start from the middle and add more bars at the ends for a better effect.

Permanent lipstick and concealer

Permanent lipstick and concealer

A very useful practice used by Ana de Armas is lip tint. It is a process in which Lip tint professionally applied to the lips, This process will result in a deep and long-lasting color that will not fade or peel easily.

The process is simple, but it requires a lot of care and precision. First, the lip area is cleaned Let the dye dry evenly, A protective lip prep is then applied to seal the color and keep the skin from drying out.

Next, the professional will apply the dye with a medium-large brush. it will dry completely first Apply a protective layer to keep lips hydrated. Lip tint is also a good option for those who have colored lips.

A small step that helps a lot in getting the perfect Ana de Armas look is the use of lip concealer. is used for Hide pores and hair on the skin of the lips, Concealer can also be used to create a stronger, more defined outline.

To apply it properly, it is important to take care not to apply too much of it on your lips. Use a sponge to gently spread the concealer starting from the center of the lips and working toward the edges. Be careful to use a shade of lip concealer that is not too light.

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