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Ana de Armas went from being an actress who had to learn her lines phonetically, without knowing their meaning, to one of the most sought-after rising actresses in the industry. She this Friday she arrives on Netflix with The Gray Man.

Anna Arms (34) is enjoying the highest point of his career, which continues to rise and does not seem to want to stop. These days he is traveling the world to promote his latest tape, The Gray Manone of the most expensive in the history of Netflix.

The film – which debuted this Friday – follows the “Grey Man”, Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), a CIA agent who discovers compromising secrets of the agency, while being hunted around the world by his former partner Lloyd Hanson (Chris Evans), who will do everything possible to eliminate him. But Gentry is not alone, but has the help of the agent Danny Miranda (Anne of Arms).

The new film, by the brothers Joe and Anthony Russois full of action and speed, where the Cuban-Spanish actress joins a first class cast that includes Wagner Moura, Billy Bob Thornton, Regé-Jean Page, among others.

“I was very, very excited that the Russos thought of me and as soon as I got to the Zoom call with them and they introduced me to this character and the story, I was on the project,” the actress recalled at a press conference to the who attended BioBioChile.

In fact, the cast of The Gray Man was not unknown to Ana de Armas, since she had already worked with Gosling in Blade Runner: 2049 and with Evans in Knives Out, his big break in Hollywood.

“I wanted to work with Ryan again, I wanted to work with Chris again, and this whole amazing cast. And the character, I just loved it. I love who this woman is and all of her background and her training and her mindset and how badass she is and how brave she is and all of that,” she stressed.

Who is Ana de Armas?

Ana de Armas Caso was born in Havana in 1988. She spent her childhood in Santa Cruz, with her father, a philosopher who was unable to practice; her mother, an administrative employee of the Ministry of Education; and her older brother.

The actress grew up under a regime of food rationing, fuel shortages, electricity cuts and no internet access. The artist met and fell in love with the film and television industry, thanks to the movies that she could watch on DVD in a neighbor’s apartment.

At the age of 12, she decided that she wanted to be an actress and later entered the National School of Art in Cuba.

“My father worked in the Popular Assembly and my mother in human resources at the Ministry of Education, but they were very present. Those were the happiest years of my life, I guess That is why I return to Havana whenever things get a little ugly”told in an interview with Vogue.

The hard training of Ana Armas for The Gray Man

In The Gray ManAna de Armas is Dani, a CIA agent and ally of Gentry, not to mention just as deadly as he is.

In order to bring this role to life, Ana de Armas trained with chili palmer, former member of Delta Force. “Yes, I was very lucky to have Chili to train me in the military part of the character, the mentality of that and have physical experience to endure the pain of what it is to shoot and run with the weight of weapons,” he said. .

“I started running like a chicken at first with this vest around me, I didn’t know how to move, squat or do anything,” he confessed.

“I really enjoyed the process. This pre-production, for me, was very funny because I could see myself improving [RISAS]. But I also needed this other side, like the psychological part,” he said.

However, this is not the first character where Ana shows her physical skills, the actress was also one of the Bond girls in No time to die.

As is customary in that saga, the actress was a tough ally of Bond, who beat and shot while wearing a sexy dress and high heels.

“There is something really refreshing about this film (The Gray Man) where the focus is not on that (being a woman in heels kicking butt). I’m not Ryan’s love interest… It’s about his power in a different way, you know? And he is really cool. And it’s important to put women in action movies in another light, in that light, and have that vision of that, and, you know, accentuate that part of the badass women, ”she reflected.

the way to hollywood

After achieving her dream of entering art school in Cuba, Ana got some roles in the national industry, however, at the age of 18 she left for Spain, thanks to her ancestry from her maternal grandparents. She there she took the big leap of her.

The actress was part of important television series, being the most remembered in Chile, the adolescent thriller The intershipwhich was broadcast in the Chilean prime through Mega, prior to the boom in nightly teleseries in its dramatic area.

Ana was in Spain for eight years, much of it pigeonholed into juvenile roles. In 2014, she decided to emigrate permanently to the United States, speaking very little English and learning her lines phonetically from her.

In Los Angeles, he landed a role in Knock Knock, the Eli Roth film, where he shared scenes with Chilean Lorenza Izzo and Keanu Reeves. That would be the beginning of a trajectory for her that has not stopped.

Today she is one of the most sought-after faces in the industry and in advertising (she is an ambassador for Estee Lauder). On his agenda for the coming months is the premiere of Blonde, a biography of Marilyn Monroe; and romantic comedy ghostedwhere he again coincides with Evans.

It only remains to wait to see what the future holds for Ana de Armas.

Watch Ana de Armas in The Gray Man, now available on Netflix.

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