Ana de Armas and the ostentatious BMW where she escaped with Ben Affleck

Ana de Armas, in addition to her acting career whose performances are of total excellence, also continues to attract attention for her past romance with Ben Affleck and the special getaway from a BMW motorcycle worth thousands of dollars. Keep reading…

Anne of Arms is one of the most spectacular actresses in Hollywood, standing out for her talent and beauty that radiates on the big screen, managing to conquer the entire public that applauds her performance after each film project, such as the current trend of “Blonde” where she will give life to the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe and which will be broadcast on Netflix.

The professional side is going from strength to strength, becoming at the same time one of the most sought-after faces to be the image of important beauty brands and a model on the covers of international magazines.

Secondly, her past romance with Ben Affleck is no secret to anyone, relationship that was surrounded by many rumors of separation until they announced the final goodbye, The film “Deep Waters” remains to be remembered, a project where their courtship began.

Although the premiere of the story was during the month of March of this year and the leading couple broke their relationship, Ana de Armas continues to rise in success and shine with excellence in other works, filling her instagram with beauty, gaining more and more followers.

However, there was a very special moment that their fans never forget when the couple squandered their romance on the streets during Ben Affleck’s birthdayand the actress took advantage to give him a personalized BMW motorcycle manufactured by WYLD Garage Co.

Ana wanted to give him something special, being the only one of Ben Affleck’s loves who made him such an exclusive detail of high speed to walk together reaching 200km/h, unique design with power of 125 CV at 7,750 rpm whose model cost approximately 20 thousand dollars , which we can appreciate in the photographs that remained for the memory of his fans and in the video where they say they made their total getaway to enjoy the maximum adrenaline on their trip.

BMW motorcycle customized and manufactured by WYLD Garage Co

+ Watch the video of Ben Affleck enjoying his BMW motorcycle with the actress:

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