Ana de Armas criticized for her Hispanic accent role Marilyn ‘Blonde’

Cuban actress Ana de Armas, 34, is in the juiciest moment of her professional career. However, her latest work, the movie ‘Blonde’ that will be released on September 23 on Netflix, has raised negative comments. And it is that there are numerous voices that have criticized the ‘Hispanic accent’ of the interpreter in her role as Marilyn Monroe and the social networks were abuzz defending that she should have had an American actress.

With a budget of 22 million dollars, Netflix will premiere on September 23 one of the most anticipated films of the fall, Blonde. A new approach to the tragic life of Marilyn Monroe who died on August 4, 1962 at the age of 36. The actress who has gotten into the skin of this sexualized icon of the 20th century is Anne of Arms (34), who since separating from her husband, the Catalan actor Marc Clotet (42) in 2013, his path to stardom has skyrocketed.

For this ambitious Cuban, the limits are beyond the sky. She crossed the pond and Hollywood saw in her the new sex bomb that is managing to (almost) eradicate prejudice and the recurrent roles of chacha for Latin actresses. Precisely because she is of that origin, the interpreter has been harshly criticized for her Spanish accent when he speaks in English. Social networks boiled because some considered that an American should have interpreted it.

Cuban actress Ana de Armas.

But the director Andrew Dominic (54), as well as the co-producer of the story, the very Brad Pitt (58) through their production company Plan B, they were convinced that it was the right choice. In fact, the protagonist of once upon a time in hollywood (2019) has recently come out in her defense, as has the company that manages the rights of the blonde diva, Authentic Brands Group (ABG)whose owner is the multimillionaire of Canadian origin Jamie Salter (59).

The latter also has the copyrights of other legends of the last century such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley either Muhammad Ali, which each year usually appear in the lists of the most profitable dead. Salter is more than satisfied with the election of Ana de Armas because so much controversy and interest will increase blonde ambition related products. The entertainment president of the ABG has declared to Variety that “Marilyn is a singular icon of Hollywood and pop culture that transcends generations and history.”

‘Blonde’, a production full of explicit scenes

The most surprising thing about this biopic are the racy scenes, such as rape and cunnilingus where the blood of menstruation flows. The protagonist of the film is very satisfied with the shooting, which was affected by the pandemic, since she is aware that give life to a myth so present it is tremendously complicated.

To demonstrate Marilyn’s current interest, last May Christie’s auctioned a portrait of Andy Warhol titled ‘Shot Sage Blue Marilyn’ for $195 million, the most expensive work done in the 20th century. Another event, but more tragic, was carried out by kim kardashian at the Met Gala, also in May, when he damaged the dress Marilyn wore when she sang happy birthday to kennedy. When Jean-Louis designed it, the actress paid 12,000 dollars in 1962, later Christie’s auctioned it in 1999 for 1.2 million euros and after the exhibition of the socialite they say its worth could have increased to 10 million.

For her part, Ana de Armas is out. In Hollywood she has already taken part in blade runner 2049 (2017), daggers in the back (2019), no time to die (2021) -played a Bond girl- and the unseen agent (2022), which can currently be seen on Netflix and where he has worked with Ryan Gosling (41) and Chris Evans (41).

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