Ana de Armas, from Venice to San Sebastián with the Tinder vice-president

The spotlights are back on Anne of Arms, this time at the San Sebastian Film Festival. The Spanish-Cuban actress has arrived in the city of San Sebastian very well accompanied by Paul Boukadakisthe vice president of Tinder (the famous dating app).

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The interpreter is one of the great protagonists of the new film season due to the premiere of Blonde, a film in which she plays Marilyn Monroe and that can be seen on Netflix starting next Wednesday the 28th. Upon her arrival at the festival, she posed before the flashes with a smile from ear to ear. Her boyfriend hasn’t posed with her, but she hasn’t been able to dodge the targets of the assembled paparazzi.

The first appearance of both as a couple came on September 5 in Venice. A fact that surprised locals and strangers, since, after more than a year of relationship, they had not taken the step of appearing in society.

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The relationship between the interpreter and the businessman was discovered in June of last year, although they had been getting to know each other for a few months. They started dating after she broke up in January 2021 with Ben Afflecknow happily married to Jennifer Lopez.

Ana de Armas, 34, has already stood out in Hollywood in films like blade runner 2049 (2017), The Wasp Network (2019), daggers in the back (2019), the unseen agent (2022) or Deep Water (2022), where she precisely met her ex-boyfriend. With this new role and embodying one of the most iconic faces in pop culture, she seeks to establish herself definitively in Hollywood. And she has all the ballots to get it.


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