Ana de Armas gave details of her ex-partner Ben Affleck

Through an interview, the Cuban actress revealed stormy moments while she was the girlfriend of Jennifer Lopez’s now-husband

The actress Ana_de Armas is considered one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood; Likewise, her histrionic tables have led her to be part of several projects, one of the most important in her career being the recent film about the life of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. She also recently praised her spectacular performance in The Gray Man, where she shared the stage with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

Thus, as the long-awaited film is about to be released, the 34-year-old actress has been promoting it. That is why through an interview with Elle magazine, where Anne of Arms not only spoke of his professional career in full view of all the spotlights, but also spoke of his relationship loving with Ben Affleckwhich ended in January of last year, where the breakup gave a lot to talk about because it was full of rumors which were very stormy for the actress and that made the famous have a difficult time.

Rumors of the breakup

Anne of Arms Y Ben Affleck They became a couple after they met on the set of “Deep water”; However, the connection became somewhat complicated for both actors, since the actress did not want to live in Los Angeles for so long while the protagonist of Batman could not leave because his children were residing there.

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck left their relationship in 2021 and have been separated ever since. The two actors were together for almost a year throughout 2020.

Nevertheless, Ana confessed that after breaking off with Affleck She moved to New York, so it was a big change for her since she considered that Los Angeles was not a good place to live because her life was much more exposed with the media that was always around her.

“There was no escape. There’s no escape. Los Angeles is a city that makes you feel like something is always missing, it keeps you anxious all the time,” she stressed.

On the other hand, he indicated that he had distanced himself from social networks, since he closed his Twitter account, as well as stopped posting things related to his private life on his Instagram account, so now he only uploads photos related to his professional projects.

Finally the protagonist of Between Knives and Secrets, claimed to be in a better stage now, and that his ex-partner too. He also assured that the tape Blonde has been a turning point in her career, and feel proud of the work done in history.

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