Ana de Armas reveals the beauty lessons that never lose their validity

Undoubtedly, habits change according to the decade we find ourselves in, ‘for me this decade has meant more work and therefore more makeup, which is also part of the characters I live in: my skin has become sensitive to too much makeup and, on a personal level, the most necessary thing for me is to remove make-up, something that I cannot skip a day because if I do, it has consequences. To unpaint is to return to memaybe that’s why in my daily life I opt more for something natural, I feel better when my skin is cared for and hydrated’, but in her case, the truth is that she also reminds us that discipline and daily habits to take care of your skin, they are the real secret to having a beautiful appearance… because it is useless to have our best skin care products forgotten, isn’t it? As far as his routine is concerned, one thing he tries not to give up, no matter where he’s shooting, is the exercise; She has declared that what she likes to practice the most is Pilates.

With Anne of Arms we talk about your habits, your care and your favorite exercise routinebut we couldn’t let go the makeup. While for some the Red lipstick is a style manifesto, for her it is a powerful cat eye, and when she is in the mood, she prefers to take her time to let the perfect eyelineras it does with Double Wear, another bet from this beauty firm with which Anne of Armsour mothers and even us, have accommodated too well, because it shares our goal: to allow us to feel more beautiful, regardless of the circumstances, the setting and, of course, the decade in which we find ourselves.

Taking care of your skin is something that can even be achieved with the right makeup base, as revealed by Ana de Armas

The skin is the largest organ of our body, the one that reveals how we take care of ourselves from the inside, the one that shows the truth about the self-love that we give ourselves. Each ingredient and formula that we find seeks to show the best side of the skin: its result depends on factors that range from our diet, the discipline with which we apply products, the way in which we do it and finding those with which our dermis build a perfect harmony. The road may be long, but signatures like this make it easier to achieve what sometimes seems like a daunting task, confirmed by Anne of Arms.

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