Ana de Armas: This was her STORMY relationship with Ben Affleck

The relationship of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas It is a thing of the past, but even so, their romance continues to generate a lot of interest, especially after the Cuban actress revealed how their stormy relationship was, and in reality it was not a great fault on the part of the actors, but of external ones.

Due to the new releases of the Cuban actress, which include “Grey man” and soon, “Blonde”, the actress has been able to reflect openly on your previous relationship with Ben Affleck, and although he does not have much to say about the actor, he has talked about the pressure they were subjected to by the media.

It all started in March 2020. Although for most it was the beginning of the pandemic, for Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck it was also the beginning of a short but passionate love story.

The actor couple is known to have struck up a platonic friendship while filming their thriller, “Deep Water.” However, due to the pandemic, the film finished filming in early 2020, about a month before Ana and Ben generated dating rumors for the first time during a trip to Cuba in March.

After being photographed looking cozy on vacation in Cuba, the couple confirmed their romance about a month later when Ana shared a (since-deleted) photo of her and Ben celebrating their 32nd birthday.

And while the world as we knew it was held in suspense in the midst of national lockdowns and quarantinesthere was absolutely nothing to stop Ben and Ana, affectionately nicknamed: BenAna, from reveling in the joy of their new love.

As you probably remember, the couple was photographed constantly over the course of 2020, often with their dogs, sometimes drinking iced coffee, but always walking, laughing, and even showing affection.

In fact, Ben and Ana were photographed so many times during this time that they even seemed to play a weird prank on the paparazzi, with Ana enlisting the help of the Ben’s three sons to strategically place a cardboard cutout of herself on the front lawn of her Los Angeles home.

But all jokes aside, it really seemed like things were going well between the two and naturally they were crowned as the It couple of the quarantine. But just as the quarantine ended, this beautiful couple also fell apart in January 2021 after almost a year of dating.

At the time, the fans were anguished because they were one of their favorite couples, but in the end we know that it was the best for both of them, including Ana, who later admitted that the constant attention it was incredibly intense, and it got to the point where he felt it was necessary to move out of Los Angeles.

During a recent interview with Elle, the actress recalled the highly publicized nature of their relationship, simply describing it as “horrible”. “That’s one of the reasons I left Los Angeles,” she added.

Ana also clarified that the scrutiny had actually been a blessing in disguise, as it provided her with an opportunity to reassess her life on the West Coast. “This is not the place for me,” she said, recalling her decision to leave LA. “It got a little too much. There was no escape. There’s no way out.”

Having lived there for 7 years, Ana described the city and its bright lights as a place that makes you anxious: “It’s always the feeling of something you don’t have, something missing“, he added.

Interestingly, at the time of Ana and Ben’s breakup, sources close to the former couple mentioned Ana’s desire to leave Los Angeles as one of the main reasons behind their breakup. “She broke up with him,” the source claimed. “Their relationship was complicated. Ana doesn’t want to live in Los Angeles and Ben obviously has to since his kids live in Los Angeles.”

But hey, in the end everything turned out for the best, because Ben finally married the love of his life: JLo.

How do you see it?

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