Ana Emilia, this is how she responds to the TikTok trend of Why hasn’t it been developed?

Ana Emilia Contreras or better known only as Ana Emilia is a Mexican youtuber and interpreter who from an early age discovered that her passion was social networks and dedicate herself to creating content on them. She has since built a community of more than 13 million subscribers on her general YouTube channel, as well as millions more on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and lately TikTok.

Precisely with the opening of her profile on the TikTok short video social network, Ana Emilia has been generating a lot of content, but also being involved in some controversies and trends, about this is that the 15-year-old influencer decided respond to one of the most stirred up about her on the Chinese app.

“Why hasn’t Ana Emilia developed?”, is the question that one or several TikTok users one day questioned on said network and from there it became a topic of discussion on that platform. At the insistence of her followers and other users of hers to know what the reality show host could say about it, she decided to record a video for her YouTube channel where she talks about this topic in detail.

Published on Wednesday, January 18, the clip in question shows the also children’s sovereign of the Mazatlan International Carnival in its 2016 edition, commenting on the importance of respect for the variety of bodies and the development times of each person.

And it is that Ana Emilia rightly states that each person has a different development of their figure and at different times, because while there are 15-year-old adolescents who clearly have already developed, there are also those who at that same age still do not present many changes in their shape. .

Don’t you guys go out on the streets? Don’t you know someone like your mom, your friend, your friend, your cousin, and your cousin? (You have not noticed) that all people have different bodies, it is assumed that if you are on planet earth you know it, “says the youtuber.

The native of Mazatlán, Sinaloa also affirmed that she understands that in social media you can see many young people who are already highly developed or who have even resorted to cosmetic surgeries, but that should not be a benchmark to measure everyone.

I understand that on social networks like TikTok there is a very marked stereotype. But we must also clarify that beauty is very subjective, as for me Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber’s wife, is wow a goddess or Miley Cyrus, for you a spectacular goddess can be Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, who are also, but I want them to understand that their somatotypes are very different and that’s cool because not all people have the same bodies,” he said.

Within this response, Ana Emilia in turn questioned her detractors or haters about what they expect of her because she is barely 15 years old.

I don’t know what they were expecting from me, I am 15 years old and according to me I am perfect for my 15 years. If I go to my school, I’m clearly going to see girls who are different from me, the same as me, skinnier than me and it’s normal,” she said.

On the other hand, the content creator and interpreter said that making a video on this topic is important because she considers that stereotypes in social networks affect many.

This video is very important because it is something that is also causing social networks. Especially little girls and boys, or adolescents of 15, 16 and 17 years old begin to get confused, look in the mirror and do not want the version of the appearance of the people they are. It is important that you learn that not all of us are the same and that now with the internet we begin to compare ourselves a lot, (we must bear in mind that) beauty is subjective and as you are, you are perfect and you have to learn to accept that with this body and You will see yourself with that somatotype all your life,” he reflected.

He clarified that he is in favor of cosmetic surgeries if they make you feel better, but before that you must be satisfied with who you are and the interior, otherwise if you do not have that base you will not be happy despite of any surgery that a person has.

Finally, Ana Emilia also made it clear that many of the people who comment negatively or critically, with zero purpose, also have internal complexes that lead them to attack others. For this reason, haters are not important to her or do not affect her.
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With this message and response given by the youtuber and singer Mexican Ana Emilia makes important issues quite clear such as self-acceptance, respect for the development times of each person, which are indeed very varied, as well as self-esteem, not giving so much value to haters and mainly that each body is different, so stereotypes should not influence or reign. Lastly, she stressed that she is happy and is satisfied with her body that she considers appropriate for her age.

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