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Mexico City, November 13, 2023

Kim Jin-pyo, speaker of that country’s National Assembly, confirmed that trade between the two countries is strengthening despite the previous pandemic.

Senate President Ana Lilia Rivera Rivera said Mexico and the Republic of Korea are among the world’s 15 main economies, so it is a priority to “utilize the optimal level of our trade and investment relations” to achieve this. Greater profits from relocation of companies and supply chains.

With this, the lawmaker stressed during the visit of that country’s National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo to the Senate that the quality of life of our people will be improved, “this is what unites us.”

“While the bridges of understanding we have built over 61 years of diplomatic relations are solid, we see with your visit an opportunity to take our cooperation to a level of greater utility,” he said.

At the meeting held in the Antigua mansion of Xicotencatl, the senator proposed to establish a permanent dialogue mechanism between the Senate of the Republic and the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea to outline a joint cooperation strategy.

He explained that, on behalf of the Senate of the Republic, being responsible for analyzing Mexico’s foreign policy and approving international treaties, negotiations would immediately follow to advance a free trade agreement between the two countries.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the senators view with great interest their process of becoming an Associate State of the Pacific Alliance, as well as their request to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Treaty of Trans-Pacific Partnership.

At the multilateral level, he argued that both nations are at a critical moment in history, “where the challenges we face require joint efforts and close cooperation between nations.”

He pointed out that threats to regional peace and security, the arms race, the presence of extremist groups, the spread of hate speech, pandemics and organized crime, are problems that transcend borders and remind us of the interdependence that we all share. unites.

“The alliance between Mexico and Korea makes even more sense given its emphasis on the resolution of disputes through democratic means, disarmament and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons,” he said.

Ana Lilia Rivera considered that in the field of cultural relations, it is necessary to take advantage of the interest of Mexican youth in Korean cultural expressions, because “without a doubt K-pop is a key that opens a world of possibilities for our youth.” And “It inspires us to learn more about the Korean language, customs, and cuisine.”

He explained that this surge will be used to encourage the study of Spanish and Korean languages, scholarship programs for student and academic exchanges, incubators that inspire innovation and development, as well as the signing of agreements for scientific and technological projects. Should be done for.

He also recognized that compliance with the 2030 Agenda is a fundamental issue for optimizing consumption, production and energy expenditure habits, as well as for confronting the climate change crisis that threatens the entire planet.

For Mexicans, receiving such high representation from a friendly country like Korea, with whom we share fundamental values ​​such as peace, democracy and the continued pursuit of sustainable development, is a testament to the strength and depth of our bilateral relations. told.

Foreign Relations Commission President Hector Vasconcelos said it is necessary to explore the feasibility of continuing negotiations on a potential trade agreement between Mexico and Korea.

He said that currently, there is an agreement to promote investment and mutual security, as well as a strategic alliance aimed at regulating commercial exchanges between the two countries.

The senator highlighted that the Republic of Korea is Mexico’s fourth trading partner; And Mexico is Korea’s first trading partner in Latin America and the Caribbean. He also indicated that approximately a thousand Korean companies operate in Mexico and that bilateral trade volume has increased fivefold over the past two decades.

The results are promising, and all this, he said, without taking into account the institutional framework provided by the free trade agreement, so “it is not an easy task, but, as a Korean proverb indicates, where there is a will there is away.”

On behalf of the Asia-Pacific-Africa Foreign Relations Commission, Senator Ernesto Pérez Astorga said that relations between the two countries are characterized by genuine ties of friendship and deep integration and exchanges at different levels of government.

He pointed out that this integration has created a solid foundation that allows us to move forward in the integration of projects that strengthen our strategic partnership for mutual prosperity.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Kim Jin-pyo said that there is solid cooperation between the two countries, as we are the first country in Latin America with which they have initiated strategic relations.

He reminded that 2022 will mark 60 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Korea, which reflects the importance of our relations, which is why he called on senators to inaugurate a new, more concrete phase.

The representative of the Asian country urged the two governments to improve exchange of views between the highest levels to generate better bilateral cooperation. In this sense, he pointed out that there are 430 Korean companies in Mexico, which generate more than 150 thousand jobs.

Kim Jin-pyo said trade between the two countries has increased in recent years thanks to trade agreements and flights between the countries were not canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also asked the Mexican Congress to take advantage of young Mexicans’ interest in Korean culture to promote educational exchanges.

Furthermore, the Korean parliamentarian expressed his solidarity with the people of Guerrero following the passage of Hurricane “Otis” and stressed that his country and its citizens are ready to support whatever is needed to move the entity forward. Are.

Before the start of the meeting, Ana Lilia Rivera and Kim Jin-pyo laid wreaths in honor of Belisario Domínguez. And finally, the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea signed the Book of Distinguished Visitors of the Senate of the Republic.

Text and photo: Chamber of Senators

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