Ana Milán reveals her favorite perfume with the smell of “stormy day”

Many perfumes take us back to bygone times, to childhood moments or to the aroma of a person that we have very integrated. For this reason, many firms inspire their perfumes in moments that many people happen to love, such as the aromas of coffee first thing in the morning or the recognizable smell of freshly cut grass. Today, Ana Milan has revealed to us one of his favorite perfumes which is ideal to wear on cold winter days and brings back very touching memories. Discover all the details of your must have then.

If there is something that represents Ana Milán, it is loquacity and that she always goes with the truth ahead. For some time now, the humorist has begun to recommend products from beauty that you normally use and that work for you. Now she has had the turn of her perfume. the signature Guerlain has a collection called Les Absolus d’Orient which has 9 fragrances made with the best essential oils that transport us to distant and fantastic places.

Ana Milan perfume

Ana Milán conquers with her Guerlain perfume worn by women with personality

The bottle is wonderful, in bottle green, with a gold ribbon and arabesques that are a heritage of the most representative motifs of the house. apart from packaging distinguished that characterizes the French firm founded in 1828, its perfumes from this line are quite an olfactory experience for women, although the one the actress chose is a perfume unisex, which will make men and ladies fall in love. He is none other than him Old Essentiel a perfume designed by Thierry Wassera star in the world of fragrances who has created more than 190 perfumes for Guerlain and many others for firms like Dior, Armani, lancôme, Calvin Klein and many more brands.

Oud Essentiel is he perfume you need in winter, because it belongs to the woody amber olfactory family, the one that can withstand low temperatures the most and is super warm. Since its launch in 2017 it has not stopped being successful, in fact the complete collection Les Absolus d’Orient it is a guarantee of durability, quality and elegance.

Ana Milan perfume

The perfumes of the Guerlain firm conquered the biggest movie stars

Its name is given by one of its star ingredientsthe oud wood, a tree of Asian origin that is what gives the perfume the smell of “stormy day” that Ana Milán talks about. Although the humorist also brings back memories of Rome. Either way, it’s a essential perfume both for winter nights and for colder days. Its intoxicating trail also contains notes of rose, cedar, saffron and leather. Leave citrus and fresh perfumes aside, they are a summer thing, you will notice the difference if you start using perfumes with these ingredients in winter.

A long list of stars from the golden age of Hollywood such as rita hayworth, Katherine Hepburn, audrey hepburn either Ava Gardner They trusted the perfumes of this firm to succeed with their scents. To this day, there are still many who continue to do it as Angelina Jolie, Blanca Suarez either El Hammani Mine, which makes it clear that their fragrances attract all divas. Do not hesitate to give the aromas of the East a chance with this high-flying perfume. Do you dare?

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