Anahi suffered a severe shock during one of her concerts with RBD

It’s been just over two weeks since RBD started touring i’m a rebel tourWhich not only marks her return to the stage after an absence of almost 15 years, but has also become a true phenomenon.

In the last days, Anahi, Dulce, Maite, Christopher and Christian He has visited some of the most important stadiums in the United States in Texas, New York, Denver and Chicago; And although they have been very well received by the public, it was one of the concerts they presented this weekend, where the interpreter of Mia Colucci, He met with an accident on stage.

Almost at the end of the presentation and when the singer was already saying goodbye to the audience, one of the fans decided to throw an object on the stage, with the intention that it fall into the hands of one of them, however, the instrument hit. The fan’s face is done. Anahi and everything was on video.

The band began their tour in Texas on August 25. Photo: Instagram

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In the photos that are already circulating on social networks, you can see the exact moment when a small object hit the actress in the face and although it is unknown whether it hurt her or not, it was seen That’s how she moves her hand to that spot, the stroke of rubbing.

This is not the first time that an artist has been attacked on stage for a gift that his audience tried to give him, with singers like Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, Pink and Bebe Rexha also receiving emergency treatment after being pelted with cells. Had to get. Call him. , have also had to suffer the consequences.

Unlike other artists who reacted nervously to this type of situation, Anahi decided to take this moment quite naturally; However, the ones who spoke up were his fans, who called on everyone attending RBD’s show to be careful to avoid throwing any kind of gifts at him.

And, although many people have the illusion that their casters can take a small piece of them, the reality is that the force with which they are thrown and the force they accumulate during the journey can turn them into a dangerous projectile. and may put their safety at risk. Artists, famous as well as the public, are at risk.

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