Anais Ferreira presents her new fitness app

Anais began this physical process after having her baby shortly before the pandemic began. With photos and videos on social networks, the health coach and personal trainer captured the attention of mothers who followed her progress and were motivated to do the same from home.

This is how Imberryfit arises to share his knowledge as a health coach, personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, it was reported in a statement.

“Imberryfit arose as a play on words in English. Berry can be represented as a fruit, and when spoken it sounds like ‘very’, which translates to ‘muy’ in Spanish. The whole phrase would sound like Iam Very Fit (I am very Fit)”, Anais said.

After two years creating a community through social networks, Anais already has more than 90,000 followers who have decided to join her fitness plans to train from anywhere.

“Train where you want, when you want” is the motto of the Imberryfit app, a premise that stems from the need Anais had after her pregnancy. Now, everyone can have access to a personal trainer and a nutritional advisor from their cell phones.

Anaís mentions in the statement that she wants everyone to be able to start as she did “with the minimum possible equipment.” You only need dumbbells, a chair, and a mat; In some cases, ankle weights and resistance bands can be added depending on the type of training.

“Every day I decide to continue working to be better, learn and have the tools I need to continue helping more people to improve their quality of life or achieve their goals through my knowledge”, concluded the coach.

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