Ancelotti and Real Madrid’s eleven without Spaniards: “It was coincidence”

The curious fact was due to the fact that Dani Carvajal, right back, was out due to injury and could not participate in the matchday 16 match in Spain

The Italian Carlo Ancelotticoach of Real Madridwanted to downplay the fact that in front of the villarreal last Saturday, when his team lost 2-1 in the The leaguedrew a starting eleven without any Spaniards for the first time in the club’s history and assured that it was simply “a coincidence”.

“It was a coincidence. The matrix of this club is Spanish, although the club is universal. We have Spaniards in the quarry, which must be praised because it is the one that produces the most players in the First Division. The Villarreal thing was a coincidence,” he said in Press conference.

ancelotti valued the fact that both the semifinal against Valencia like the end of the Spanish Super CupThey can be decided from eleven meters away and pointed out that he does not over-prepare penalty kicks.

“We don’t train a lot on penalties. The players take them at the end of training and I can evaluate if they take them better or worse. Then I have to choose and sometimes it’s difficult to find five. The mental aspect also comes into play and it’s very complicated. Also , it is impossible to recreate what a penalty shootout means in a training session,” he declared.

Gattuso recognizes Real Madrid as the best team and says they have “nothing to lose”

The Italian Gennaro Gattusocoach of Valenciaacknowledged that the Real Madridhis rival in the semifinals of the Spain Supercup this Wednesday, it is “a better team” and that for this reason they have “nothing to lose”, at the same time that he was confident that, if they do not fail, “you can win”.

“Those of us who play professionally are lucky. In life, if you fail you have to wait a long time; in sport, no. Now I have to convince my team. We play against a team, honestly, better than us; we have nothing to lose, but you can win,” he said at a press conference.

“It’s not a good moment for us. We come from two totally different defeats, but we are lucky to play these types of games. We play against a team with a great mentality and with players who have won five Champions Leagues. We have nothing to lose. You have to prepare the game well,” she commented.

“I am not certain. We can never fail, because when you think you are dominating the game, the Real Madrid you can win the game to space. We have to play a match where we don’t have to fail, and play with mentality and rhythm”, he added.

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