And how many 2023? These are some of the couples who have broken up so far this year

There is a popular saying that “lucky in gambling and unlucky in love” and it 2023 May be perfect proof of this, as the music, film and television industries bounce back after the pandemic Famous what they have had to face By evils of love,

So far this year, we have seen many couples end up with romances that seemed straight out of fairy tales and have made us question whether love really exists.

One of the most recent and one that has hurt fans the most is that of Rosalia and Rauv Alejandro, both singers who are very far ahead commercially, but their story ends after only four months of engagement. There are all kinds of versions about Thunder, but none is confirmed, while some say that Puerto Rican You would have been unfaithful to the Spanish, others assure that it was He WHO he was forced to goBecause his family and his work team looked down on him.

The two separated after four months of engagement. Photo: Instagram

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But they are not the only ones, the list is too long and here we leave you with a few celebrities who no longer have their happy ending, at least not together:

Tini Stossel and Rodrigo DePaul. After Argentina became champions at the Soccer World Cup, many of de Paul’s fans thanked the singer for being an inspiration to the player and, of course, said they were extremely proud of their boyfriend. Since then, the couple decided to open up their relationship to the media and when everything was going well, they suddenly surprised her by announcing their breakup through a message on Twitter.

“We decided to end our relationship. We had very good moments where I had the opportunity to meet a person whom I love and respect a lot. We shared one of the very important moments of our life- Support each other. Many thanks and respect for the love,” wrote the interpreter of “Kamdev”.

The singer and football player shared their breakup on Twitter. Photo: Screenshot

Ricky Martin and Jawan Yosef. Considered one of the most stable couples in the medium, the plastic artist and interpreter of “La Vida Loca” announced their separation and divorce on July 6. The news was revealed in a statement that Martin published on his network, in which he explained that everything was consensual and that they would continue to maintain a close relationship for the sake of their two children.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, It was at the beginning of the year that People magazine reported the split between the youngest Kardashian and the rapper, after several years together and two children. According to the publication, the differences between the two ended with their great love and that, while she was focusing on her business and her family, he was inclined towards parties: “They have different points of view They are, they always have been,” said a source. close to former partner

After two children and several years of relationship, the couple could not escape their differences. Photo: Instagram

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. One of Hollywood’s most beautiful weddings also ended with the vows of loving each other forever and ever. The “Modern Family” actress and actor have ended their marriage of more than seven years, following several rumors of a separation. It has been said that the pressure to have children, lack of passion and even addiction problems could have led to the end of the relationship, but neither of them has come forward to confirm or deny anything. .

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have ended their seven-year marriage. Photo: Instagram

Andrea Legaretta and Eric Rubin. There have also been scandalous splits in national show business, one of them being the split of “Hoy” host and former Timbiriche. After 22 years of life together and two daughters together, Andrea and Eric revealed that they had decided to separate because they were going through a strong crisis as a couple. There is no talk of divorce yet, but they no longer live together.

Andrea Legaretta and Eric Rubin married in 2002 and last February announced they were separating. Photo: Instagram

Galilea Montijo and Fernando Reina. The presenter and politician were accused of the pandemic. In March this year, Galilea nationally announced the end of their 10-year marriage and assured that the main reason was all the differences she had with her now ex-husband during the Covid health emergency. Guadalajara also revealed that the divorce process was mutually agreed upon and that the two had a very good relationship.

Fernando Reina and Galilea Montijo could not recover from the struggles caused by the pandemic. Source: Instagram

Eduin Kais and Daisy Anahi. There is no doubt that one of the most scandalous breakups is that of Caz and the mother of his three children. And the thing is that the singer told this news in a rather strange way: in front of the international press and during an award ceremony, he called Anahi his “ex-wife”, which immediately gave rise to all kinds of speculation. A few days later the relationship was confirmed to be over, when he himself revealed that he no longer lives with his family, but is doing everything to get it back.

As if this was not enough, Caz admitted that it was she who decided to separate after a conversation was leaked on the network and in which the leader of Grupo Firme exchanged messages and bizarre photos with a mysterious woman. did.

They met when they were both very young, but an infidelity put an end to their love story Photo: Instagram

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