and if that vip had taken another path?

The Black Friday it’s finished and we we have no intention of sparing ourselves on fun fact of our loved ones celebrities. We would have liked to tell you some curiosity about local VIPs, but apparently i celebrities foreigners hold the primacy in the matter, especially those from overseas. So enjoy the third date of fun fact.

Let’s start with something hot, indeed red lightsAnd. Seen the case, the word was never more correct. The first film by Sylvester Stallone, once the beautiful dark Rocky Balboa and today a 75 year old disfigured by surgery, it was a porno titledParty at Kitty and Stud’s“. The fee was just $ 200. Stallone later stated that he accepted the role out of desperation, no longer having a home and forced to live as homeless.

Has been Agent 007 most loved ever, his interpretation of the character born from the pen of Ian Fleming it is recognized by the almost unanimity of critics and the public as the best ever. We are obviously talking about Sean Connery, missing Hollywood star suddenly thereor last year. Well, on his talent and skill there is little to discuss, we know all. What perhaps not everyone knows And that in every James Bond movie Connery she wore a toupee, having had hair loss problems from the age of 17 years.

We often happen to to say ‘who knows what would have happened if I had taken another path’. The same thought he might have Ryan Gosling. The heartthrob of Hollywood, in fact, it was about to become a Backstreet Boy. He and AJ McLean they were neighbors in Orlando and at the time there was talk of the possibility for Gosling to join the band. This possibility has never been realized, butthe music evidently was nethe fate of Gosling. The artist has founded the duo indie rock Dead Man’s Bones and has contributed to the soundtracks of some of his films, interpreting and writing the texts. Sometimes it is difficult to escape from a destiny….

Staying on the subject from music, let’s move on to one of the most popular singers on Earth. Over 200 million records sold, at the top of the charts thanks to songs that do not know bad weather or adverse winds: she is Mariah Carey. Like any common mortal, even VIPs have their superstitious rituals or a routine routine. Mariah Carey, before a concert, she used to sleep 15 hours in a room full of dehumidifiers. The artist said it’s a good way to protect her precious vocal cords, addingI have literally twenty humidifiers around the bed. It’s like sleeping in a steamy room. “. Apparently the trick works great!

From one popstar to another. Taylor Swift it wouldn’t be Taylor Swift, the record artist, if it weren’t for a repairer dthe computer. Yes just like this. Swift was just 10 and the technical was at his house to fix things. Between one intervention and another he found also time for teacharle 3 chords.

Drum roll for the last (not least) protagonist of the fun fact. It is about Demi Moore, the actress became famous for the film romantictoGhost“. In addition to her passion for acting, Moore has another one,the one for dolls. It seems that it has more than 2 thousand and that they are kept in a house bought especially for exampler them. Referring to the movie “Ghost”, can we say that it is a bit spooky?

Which fun fact intrigued you the most on this tour?

Gerarda Servodidio

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