And love? Kunno is booed in full LGBT march while he smiles: “Kunno out”

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Yesterday, Saturday, June 25, the LGBT+ march in Mexico City after two years of being suspended due to the arrival of covid-19, which was full of artists who came to demand that the rights of the LGBT community be respected, including Alfredo Adame, Regina Blandón, Danna Paola, Paty Cantu, kunno and many more.

But it was the latter that generated controversy during his time in the March and several began to appear videos that circulate in social networks where you listen like people they booed him.

It should be noted that this year the march was full of artists, but some people who attended assured that it would have been just to make a presence and be able to share it on their social networks, but not because they believe in the fight for their rights.

On the other hand, Kunno’s presence was not to everyone’s liking, as some people saw the influencer they began booing him and asking him to withdraw from the march. In a video shared on social networks you can hear the screams towards the allegorical car in which he was transported. “Out Kunnoshouted the crowd. It seems that heThe insults did not affect him to the content creator, because he kept greeting the people who were around and even blowing kisses.

After the images went viral, many people took this gracefully and made fun of the situation, but there were others who They came to Kunno’s defense.

It’s not supposed to be a rights march?”, “Mmm I feel like he didn’t deserve to be booed”, “It’s not about whether you like Kunno or not, it’s about RESPECT“, “:(((( I do not agree with this”, “It’s not about loving him or liking Kunno, it’s about RESPECT“, they wrote in the comments.

Here you can see the video

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