“And soon the Darkness” Thursday 30 September 2021

The thriller movie tonight on TV: “And soon the Darkness” Thursday 30 September 2021 at 9.15 pm on Italia 2 (Canale 66)

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And Soon the Darkness is a 2010 film directed by Marcos Efron and starring Amber Heard, Odette Yustman and Karl Urban, remake of the 1971 thriller The monster of the country road by Robert Fuest.

In a basement, Camilla screams in the hope that someone will hear her. To hear it is only her attacker, who begins to hit her with an electric wire. Soon after he leaves the room, leaving the girl alone in her own despair.

Argentina – Three months later: Ellie and Stephanie are two American friends on vacation in Argentina. One evening, the two go to have fun in a club, where they meet the brutal Chucho, who seems to want to take Elle to his house, and only the intervention of her friend and Michael, a local, will make all hope lose. ‘man. The next day, the alarm does not go off, and the two Americans miss the bus that would have taken them to the airport. The stress of missing the flight will cause the two girls to fight, and subsequently split them up. Elle, left alone, is first observed and then kidnapped by a mysterious man, Stephanie turns to the local police, but they don’t pay much attention to her; he turns to Michael, a boy they had met a few days earlier. Stephanie soon realizes that the situation is far more complex than it seems.

Stephanie will initially doubt Michael, having found an item from Elle at his home, but the man reveals that the item is actually from Camilla, a girl who disappeared many months ago, desperately sought by him. The two begin to patrol the area separately. The girl will arrive in an abandoned slaughterhouse, where she finds Elle, imprisoned by Chucho. The two begin to run away, but Elle dies. Sheriff Calvo and Michael arrive, holding the young kidnapper at gunpoint. The sheriff, however, proves to be an ally of Chucho and an accomplice in having kidnapped several girls and then reselling them. Michael will be killed, and Stephanie will be captured. The American will then be brought to its recipient, who is none other than Luca, the owner of the hotel they rented. Managed to escape, she heads to the small village, where, during the fight, she kills Calvo. She begins to walk like this without a precise destination, shocked by everything that has happened. He then sees a vehicle in the distance and prepares to fight again, however a woman who is part of the Gendarmerie corps emerges from the vehicle and consoles and embraces her. Stephanie is finally safe.

Direction from Simon West

With Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and John Malkovich


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