And that was how Julión Álvarez made the border vibrate

Juarez City.- And it was like that…incomparable, the tenth day of the Juárez Fair 2022 with the presentation of Julion Álvarez and his Norteño Banda, who after five years met again with the border public. More than 50,000 souls sang and danced for 180 minutes to the hits of the Chiapas, who toured his songs from yesterday and some that were paused after being included in the list of the most wanted by the United States Department of the Treasury. States, in August 2017.

La Frontera de Juan Gabriel, a song he recorded with the late Juarez divo for his Duos album, was the first of the long list that the 39-year-old singer included in his repertoire.

With cumbias like La María, El Bombón and La Negra that loosens them up, the interpreter got his entire audience to their feet who, regardless of the 36 degrees Celsius that felt abrasive even at midnight, never stopped dancing.

“Thanks to Cruz, thank you old man for the invitation, I already saw it, if you came, if you fulfilled it, listen, Thank you. Enjoy,” was Julión’s greeting to the mayor, who was among the border people enjoying the show celebrating 15 years of trajectory than Julión Álvarez.

Attentive, smiling and willing to entertain his Juarez audience, whom he said he has a special affection for due to the unconditional support he has given him since the first time he was in this city.

“Here I have friends, they have always treated me with great affection and they have never let go of my hand. I was in the Plaza Juan Gabriel, -how beautiful-, for whom, although he is no longer with us, I have great respect and admiration”, Álvarez mentioned in the meeting he had with the local media before going on stage.

‘No diablo ni Santo’ ,’Demente’, My greatest yearning’ and his most recent success, ‘Fuentes de Ortiz’, written and inspired by Ed Maverick from Chihuahua, are among the most applauded songs in the repertoire.

But the emotional moment was when Randy Ortiz, winner of La Voz Kids from Chihuahua, performed ‘The love of his life’ with Julión.

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