Andalusia announces a ‘Chronic Respiratory Pathology Plan’

The commitment of Andalusian Health Service (SAS) with chronic patients it takes on special relevance when talking about respiratory pathologies. Demonstrating that interest, diego vargasmanaging director of the SAS, has announced that the “sensitivity and interest of the Executive” with patients with respiratory problems will result in the first ‘Andalusian Plan for Chronic Respiratory Pathology’. This, led by Aurelio Arnedillo, president of Neumosur, “is going to have a very favorable impact on the entire path of the patient, from diagnosis to the end of his life.”

Inauguration of the ‘I Interhospital Conference on Pulmonology’ in Seville

Respiratory diseases are highly prevalent in Spain, as well as in Andalusia. Vargas has assured that the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cancers associated with the respiratory system are becoming more common. “COPD, for example, is the third cause of mortality in Andalusia; its prevalence is very high, and even higher is its underdiagnosis“, has warned.

In addition, Vargas recalled that Pneumology “is one of the niches where its Executive must work more deeply.” Likewise, he has highlighted how care for patients at home and monitoring are the future of the specialty. “It is very important that all patients remove the maximum benefit of these respiratory therapies. We have to delve into new technologies and patient care at home,” she assured.

Diego Vargas, managing director of the Andalusian Health Service.

First day of Pneumology in Seville

The announcement of the future ‘Andalusian Plan for Chronic Respiratory Pathology’ was made during the inauguration of the first edition of the ‘Sevilla Interhospital Conference on Pneumology’event organized by Medical Writing with the collaboration of Vivisol, in which the Sevillian hospitals Virgen del Rocío, Virgen Macarena, Virgen de Valme and La Merced de Osuna Hospital have met; and which has focused on the debate on the Home Respiratory Therapies (TDR) and the challenges they present today.

Francisco Campos, head of the Pneumology Service of the Virgen de Valme Hospital, welcomed the fact that the Congress talks about “logistical problems and approaches”, since in this type of meeting “the latest developments in innovation are usually discussed”. In addition, he has highlighted the importance for professionals of meetings “in which people from a small area congregate to address common issues“.

Focused on the pneumological field, he has ensured that in the region they care for some 10,600 patients who need respiratory care and around eight million euros are invested per year in it. “We are talking about many patients and a large budget. They are therapies that translate into logistical difficulties that we must solve“, he indicated.

Francisco Campos Rodríguez, head of the Pneumology Service of the Virgen de Valme Hospital. Health Management Area South of Seville.

Campos has specified some of the problems they face, such as the volume of waiting lists to treat sleep apnea, or how to monitor those who must maintain, or withdraw, treatments and medications. “Since this is everyone’s job, it is very interesting that, in addition to pulmonologists, we listen to the Administration’s vision on this problem”, she pointed out.

“Seminars like these serve to talk about logistical problems and approaches that are difficult to solve”

Ricardo López, general director of Sanitaria 2000, recalled that these are the first conferences focused on Pneumology in Seville, a cycle of meetings that, with the hospitals of the Community of Madrid, has already been held for 11 editions. Likewise, he has influenced the “essential role” of Pneumology in hospitals and how it is a specialty that, in addition, has had a great job during the pandemic caused by Covid-19. “Both the work that you pulmonologists do every day and the prevalence and social impact of the pathologies that you treat place the Pulmonology as a nuclear field within any healthcare organization“, has underlined.

The conferences have been structured by two main pillars, the aforementioned TDR and the application of telemedicine and telemonitoring in order to improve the care experience of patients. Respiratory diseases are pathologies that “lend” to this model of care, since they prevent displacement for a patient who sometimes has great difficulty in mobility.

Pneumology against Covid-19

The coronavirus has had its leading role during the inauguration, since Pneumology is the specialty that has been on the front line. “Few specialties have suffered like you the terrible care and human impact caused by this virus. The work of Spanish Pneumology in this time of pandemic has been and is being exemplary, generous, professional and worthy of all recognition”, Ricardo López assured.

In addition, Diego Vargas, speaking of Andalusia, recalled that pulmonologists “have created healthcare structures that have played a essential role in the survival of patients, such as the Intermediate Respiratory Care Units (UCRI)”. “Thank you, from the Ministry of Health, for your exceptional work”, he finished.

Ricardo López, general director of Sanitaria 2000.

Esther Ortega, Head of the Medical Writing Specialties Section.

Francisco Campos and Diego Vargas.

Vivisol family photo.

Ricardo López poses with Esther Quintana, head of the Pneumology Service at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital.

Milagros Japón Ruiz, from the Pneumology Service of the Virgen de Valme University Hospital and Francisco Campos Rodríguez.

Isabel Caballero, a specialist in Pneumology at the Osuna Hospital; Enrico Attilio, head of Vivisol, Rafael Navajas, medical director of Vivisol; Fabrizio Ferron, Vivisol Area Manager; and José Joaquín González-Ripoll, Deputy Director of Investments of the Andalusian Health Service.

Diego Vargas chats with Esther Quintana.

Jose Joaquin Gonzalez Ripoll, Blas Garcia Vargas-Machucamedical director of the Sanitary Inspection of the Ministry of Health and Consumption of Andalusia; and Agustín Valido Morales, head of the Pneumology Service at the Virgen Macarena Hospital.

José Pérez Ronchel, medical director of Pneumology at Hospital La Merced; and Francisco Campos Rodríguez.

José Luis López Campos, pulmonologist at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital; Agustin Valido Morales; and Lucía Díaz Cañaveral, Vivisol pulmonologist.

Jaime Peñafranco, R1 of Pulmonology at the Virgen Macarena Hospital and Cristina Benito, specialist pulmonologist at the Virgen Macarena Hospital.

Álvaro Macías and Desiree Fagundo, Vivisol technicians at the Valme Hospital.

María Dolores Domínguez López, Rocío Ortega Rivera and Carmen Fernández, mmedical specialists from the Hospital de la Merced.

Ana María Mantilla de los Ríos Vázquez, nurse manager of the Pneumology Unit of the Virgen Macarena Hospital; Virginia Almadana Pacheco, specialist physician in the Pneumology Department of the same hospital; Jaime Peñafranco and Cristina Benito.

Milagros Japón Ruiz and Carmen Silva, from Vivisol Valme.

Ángela Reina González, Nuria Reyes Núñez, Inés de la Cruz Morón, Irene Pacheco Carrillo and Jesús Vázquez Domínguez, all of them pulmonologists from the Virgen de Valme Hospital.

Candela Caballero Eraso and Samira Marín Romero, pulmonologists at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital.

Rosa Vázquez Oliva, nurse at the Virgen de Valme Hospital; Alicia Cortés, a specialist in Pneumology at the same center; and Angela Reina González.

Consolación Rodríguez, a pulmonologist at the Hospital de Valme; and Esther Quintana.

Professionals from the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital. From left to right: Rosario Ruiz, nurse at the Respiratory Diseases Medical-Surgical Unit; Ángeles Sánchez, assistant doctor of the Pneumology Service; Carmen Carmona, specialist in the Sleep Respiratory Disorders Unit; Inmaculada Ortiz, Rehabilitation and Respiratory Function Tests nurse and Pedro García, also a hospital nurse.

Cristina Benito Bernaldez; Jaime Pena Franco; Estefanía Luque Crespo, a pulmonologist at the Virgen Macarena Hospital; Virginia Almadana Pacheco; and Ana María Mantilla de los Ríos Vázquez.

Jesús Sánchez Gómez, Pneumology Specialist at the Virgen Macarena University Hospital; Juan Manuel Díez Piña, pulmonologist at the Virgen de Valme Hospital; Ignacio Peñas Bustillo, pulmonologist at the Sierra Norte High Resolution Hospital Center (Chare) in Constantina; Lucia Diaz Canaveral; and Javier Gómez de Terreros, pulmonologist at the Virgen de Valme Hospital.

Esther Ortega Echevarría, Head of the Medical Writing Specialties Section; and José Luis León Merino, pulmonologist at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba.

Vivisol family photo.

Family photo at the I Interhospital Conference on Pneumology in Seville.

View of the ward during the I Seville Interhospital Conference on Pneumology.

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