Andre Jardine sent Chicote Calderon a warning for indiscipline

Andre Jardinetechnician Americaissued a warning to the amplifier Christian Calderon, who arrived at the club in an unfavorable climate, since he comes from Chivas, but also due to some lack of discipline which he suffered.

In an interview with ESPN, the strategist was asked specifically about the context in which Chicote was hiredmaking it clear that both he and the players will be responsible for his transfer, and If they don’t see this commitment, they will simply put it aside..

“I’m not worried because here We have a very healthy locker room, important leadership. who knows what it takes to become a champion. We have found a path that requires discipline, dedication, giving one hundred percent of yourself every day and showing that you are together with the club, the group and me. If you are not there, then you will not stay there long (on the team). This goes for Christian (Calderon) and every other player,” the Brazilian said.

He insisted that it would be very important that Chicote Calderon be committed to the club’s goals, which require him to be an outstanding player.

“This is a topic in which you adapt to how we are in the groupthe team we want to be, or, naturally, it won’t be.”

Chicote Calderon, high level player

Despite how controversial Calderon’s arrival was, Jardine noted that he is a footballer. with enough quality to be inside Azulcrem institutions.

For this reason, the strategist asked for a vote of confidence, since at first Chicote demonstrated his desire to be in America, rejecting offers from other clubs.

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