André Pierre Gignac and the stain that will haunt him throughout his career

The forward of the time, Gignac, He was listed as a treacherous player when he scored a goal during the Veracruz protest in 2019. Three years later he said he was sorry for his action

Andre-Pierre Gignac has been listed as a

Andre-Pierre Gignac has been listed as a “protégé” of the referees and as an advantageous player (Photo: Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images)

It is no lie that the French striker has earned his place in the history of the MX League thanks to his goals, brilliant performances and titles. His legacy is undeniable for everyone, he has managed to be the top scorer for Tigres and is currently in the Top 10 foreign goalscorers of all time.

However, no piece of jewelery ends up being perfect, and Gignac is proof of this. His competitive and explosive personality have led him to have various controversies, but the biggest and the one that continues to be remembered is that of 2019 in Veracruzwhen he scored a goal against a literally defenseless opponent.

The 2019 Apertura was running when the Veracruz team was going through a sports crisis and payments to the players. The staff, in an effort to be heard, decided to make a protest to the board to demand their incentives. Initially, it had been planned not to play the match corresponding to day 14 against Tigres; However, it was decided to go out to the field but not compete, just stand for a few minutes.

Faced with such a situation, Tigres not only did not respect the protest, but also scored two goals while the Buenos Aires club did not resist, and one of them was from Andre Pierre Gignac. At the time, she apologized and recently went out to explain how the events were.

“There were many misunderstandings, at the beginning it was one minute, then three minutes, I said it and I’m not going to lie, I wanted to make a big splash in the stands and sometimes I get incredible goals and I go in. And yes, I regret it a little, but the truth was that three minutes had passed and I did not want to score a goal, “he said in an interview on the program The last word from Fox Sports.

For some, that explanation did not carry any weight and they even dared to question its truth. angel queena player who at that time belonged to Veracruz, attacked him calling him a liar for the statements that justified his goal. “Liar dog! Now it turns out… Yes, you said the opposite there. Hypocrite!”.

When he could, Gignac showed a dislike for the now defunct team. In 2017, on another visit to the Luis “Pirata” Fuente, a brawl arose between fans, which was rejected from the field. Among all the chaos, the 10th Tigers exclaimed “Let them go to second”thus wishing the descent of the locals.

Andre-Pierre Gignac wanted to console Sebastián Jurado, who scored on himó  the controversial goal.  (Photo: Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Andre-Pierre Gignac wanted to comfort Sebastián Jurado, against whom he scored the controversial goal. (Photo: Mauricio Salas/Jam Media/Getty Images)

His legacy as a goalscorer will be indelible, but that stain is something that will haunt him, even if he has explained his regret. To try to fix it, tried to get the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to take away the annotation.

In the same way, he explained that he does not want to be remembered in Mexican football as a little understanding player and that he takes advantage of other people’s situations for himself, yes, He did not rule out being someone extremely passionate when playing a game.

“Then I called the federation and told them ‘take my goal away’ and they told me they couldn’t. It’s a stain on my career in Mexico and i am very sorry. The truth was that game was a mess, sorry for my words, I don’t want to be remembered like that. I know I’m irritating on the court but it’s my passion, I’m like that“He said in the same interview.

The francés arrivedó  to position 10 of the top foreign scorers in Liga MX.  (Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

The Frenchman reached the 10th position of the top foreign scorers in Liga MX. (Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

Another bad memory that I could leave

One of the most frequent criticisms of the 36-year-old striker is his temper against referees. Some have claimed that he lThe whistlers are “afraid” of the French and that it is no coincidence that in his 7 years in national football he has never seen a red card. Others have said that he is a “protected” and that is why he has never received serious sanctions for his strong claims.

The shouts and gestures are part of the repertoire that the Frenchman has to express his explosive temperament, however, never used insultsat least that is what Arturo Brizo, president of the Referees Commission, has announced.

“I think that, first of all, due to the circumstances of the referees that we have access to the audio of all the matches, never, In no match has Mr Gignac insulted a referee. That is important to say because people also say ‘no, it’s that Gignac lies to their mother’, and no, their mother does not lie to them, to begin with”, he explained in ESPN.

Seeing Gignac face the referees is not surprising in Mexican soccer.  (Photo: Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Seeing Gignac face the referees is not surprising in Mexican soccer. (Photo: Azael Rodriguez/Getty Images)

To the sayings of Brizio, we add those of Oscar Maciasan active referee in Liga MX, who in an interview for Technical Body invited colleagues to remember an occasion in which the feline has insulted.

“I ask all the comrades who are united here, remember a single situation in which Gignac has actually done something to have been punished. The most he does is stand in front of you, claim you, raise his hands, but there is not even a mother in mindthere is no insult.”

With such a “shield”, Gignac will be remembered as one of the top scorers, but also as a explosive and recalcitrant critic of arbitration decisions.


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