Andrea Janeiro and ‘Juls’, night and day

Much has been speculated about the relationship of lthe sisters Janeiro, Andrea and Juliadaughters of the bullfighter Jesulin de Ubrique with bethlehem esteban Y Maria Jose Campanario, respectively. The paternal blood sisters maintain a correct relationship, despite the fact that many media have opted to face them constantly. own Belén Esteban has been in charge, on more than one occasion, of emphasizing that Andrea and Julia get along wellalthough the truth is that we are facing two very different profiles. Night and day.

andrea janeirofruit of the relationship between the right-handed man and the collaborator of Save me, bethlehem estebanHe has always wanted to remain anonymous. Her mother has protected her from a very young age from the permanent harassment of the gossip press. A protection that corresponds to the rhythm of life that the young woman wants to lead. Already the day she turned 18, she released a statement to the media. “Due to the media pressure to which I am being subjected, I want to publicly tell all the media to put an end to this situation and the violation of my right to honor, privacy and self-image”, she wrote to show her desire to stay away from the spotlight.

The eldest daughter of jesus janeiro It has always carried discretion by flag. Does not have social networkss and its scarce presence on these platforms is reduced to fan club accounts. This obsession with staying in the background is far from the social behavior of her sister, julia janeirothe daughter of Jesulin de Ubrique Y Maria Jose Campanario. The 19 year old He is very clear that he wants to dedicate himself to the world of image, modeling and social networks. On Instagram he presents himself to the world as Juls janeiro and after being pixelated last year, its beauty and style have surprised many. Her irruption into social networks was stellar, already having close to 230,000 followers. Juls has not gone unnoticed, as her sister has done, and aspires to become a influencers of success.

The sisters also have different tastes. Julia Janeiro is passionate about fashion, cosmetics and travel. The eldest daughter of María José Campanario maintains a busier social life and has even dared with several aesthetic touchesdespite his youth. Julia has gone through the operating room to get a breast augmentation and some other retouching in order to improve his body and face. For her part, Andrea Janeiro is very discreet with her imagehardly any photos of him have been published and he has not undergone any aesthetic intervention. Andreitaas it is popularly known, has studied Communication in Birminghamalthough he does not intend to put himself in front of a camera. Andrea wants to be a radio host. It is known that the young woman has been an intern in the the 40 that shows Tony Aguilar. During his time at the station, his colleagues have highlighted his good disposition and his exquisite education.

On the sentimental level they have also proven to be very different. Andrea Janeiro has been in a relationship since 2017 with the British Daniel Wozza. They both met while vacationing in Benidorm. The young man has defined on his Facebook profile that maintains an open relationship with Andrea Janeiro. On the other hand, because of his sister’s resume of love Juls Three footballers have already passed. Bryan Mejia, Alex Balboa and her current boyfriend, tommy rossia striker who plays for the Getafe B. The couple is very much in love on social networks. They have even visited the footballer’s land together, Italy.

But there is something that the Janeiro sisters do agree on. Both Andrea and Julia are devoted to singer Justin Bieber. The songs of the Canadian artist have marked the adolescence of the daughters of Jesulín de Ubrique.

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