Andrea San Martin was excited to buy her iPhone 14: “Labor issues”

In Instagram stories, Andrea San Martin showed her excitement about her new acquisition, explaining that it is an iPhone 14.

The statements of Andrea San Martin

What the young woman commented on her social networks. | Fountain: instagram

According to what Andrea San Martin mentioned, through her Instagram profile, the purchase of her iPhone 14 was due to labor issues. Likewise, she detailed how her New Year was.

What is happening with Andrea San Martin?

Despite the fact that Andrea San Martin, in the last months of 2022, was involved in different controversies, the businesswoman has always demonstrated her role as a mother. Recently, through her Instagram stories, she explained how she spent New Years and in her last post she wrote:

“2023 I welcome you with open arms and I applaud everything you bring. Blessings to all and may those personal, family and work projects come true.”💚

According to what she has currently shown, Andrea San Martin is in charge of her little ones and apparently, she would now be paying all the family expenses. “As I am without support at home… the truth is that I prefer to pay this time”published the businesswoman.

Following this publication, Andrea San Martin revealed on her official Instagram account what decision she recently made: “Well people, after the trip and everything else and the clothes that Maía used with her dad also accumulated, before New Year’s, well I resigned myself and went to the laundry.”

The explanation of your Iphone

Shortly after, Andrea San Martin added with great joy and emotion, how she bought her iPhone 14. Likewise, in her Instagram stories, the businesswoman revealed that the renewal of her cell phone was for a work issue and to maintain a better content on their social networks.

“Look who’s got a new iPhone! I had to renew my iPhone, I have my Iphone 14 ”, pointed out at the beginning.

Shortly after, Andrea San Martin added: “It was time to change my iPhone 11 for a work issue above all (…) I still haven’t activated it as a cell phone because I just solved the problems with the internet.”

What was seen in Andrea San Martin's account.

What was seen in Andrea San Martin’s account. | Fountain: instagram

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