Andrés Vaca busts Piojo Herrera for running for the Halftime Selection

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The campaign that started michael herrera to be considered for the technical direction of the Mexican National Team did not go down well with Andrés Vaca, who put aside his image away from controversy to hit the former technical director of Tigres and América, among others.

In the last weeks, El Piojo has established meetings with various media to expose his desire to return to the Tricolor, in which he has not only minimized the work of his “opponents”, but also He has assured that he has changed his way of conducting himselfthis to show that he will not make mistakes like his confrontation with Christian Martinoli in 2015.

Dissatisfied with the behavior of the strategist, Vaca recalled that he only won two titles in the last 20 yearsin addition to ensuring that he has gone from “failure to failure”, despite having directed armed clubs to be champions, without forgetting that in some cases he had differences with his leaders.

“The pro Herrera campaign for the national team is incredible. The guy has 2 league titles in 20 years. He failed monumentally with one of the best teams in the leagueand on top of that he signed the biggest ridicule that is remembered in a league (for improper alignment)”, can be read on the social networks of the TUDN commentator.

He defended Almada’s work

Contrary to what Herrera thinks, who defended having more titles than Guillermo Almada, today one of those that are related to the Tricolor, Vaca assured that The Uruguayan cannot be ruled outsince in the four years he has in the country he has shown his worth.

“If it is about the present, there is no argument to put someone above Guillermo Almada. He knows soccer, he knows how to work with Mexicans and he knows how to exploit talented young people,” he said.

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