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Andrew Garfield is one of the most internationally recognized actors, largely due to his involvement in variety of movies, From war films to production Miracle. In this way he managed to win many awards and recognitions.

was born 20 August but of 1983, So today he is turning 40. Although he is originally from Los Angeles, California From a very young age he went to live in the United States United Kingdom, Where he spent most of his life, he later joined a recognized art school where he started his career.

He has also worked behind the scenes the creator, as in some theater play. it’s like Present One of the most popular stars. If you want to know more, we will give you a short list of his most famous movies below.

to a man

The film tells the story of a character played by a soldier Garfield, who promises never to use a weapon, However, This does not prevent you from providing your services during second World War, where she works as a nurse. available in HBO Max.

Tick, Tick… BOOM!

it is one of ribbon Andrew’s most recent, where he gives life to a young man turns 30 He begins to feel pressured by not achieving his goals in theater, so he decides to find a way to deal with it Situation. It can be found on Netflix.

Social Networks

how this film tells the story of a Social Networks The most famous on the planet, Facebook. Here Andrew plays Eduardo Saverin, One of the people who was behind the project even though it did not bring him positive results. It is available on Netflix.

silver lake mystery

on this occasion Andrew gave life to a young man named Sam who had many financial problems, however, everything Change When he meets his neighbor Sara who has disappeared overnight. This fact bothers Sam, so he is determined to find out more about the woman’s whereabouts. you can see it in Amazon prime video.

Spider Man

Andrew Garfield He has a long career as Spider-Man, first released in the film of the same name 2012. A sequel was later released in 2014, which turned out to be his last single. These films were very much liked by the fans of this superhero.

Although he left the project, he donned the Spider-Man suit again to join in 2021. marvel cinematic universe (UCM), as it appeared in ‘No Way Home’ alongside other variants of Spider-Man, namely Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire.

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