Andrew Tate, the ‘king of toxic masculinity’ will no longer reign

If this name means nothing to you, that’s normal. Andrew Tate is a 35-year-old Anglo-American former kickboxer. Physically we are on the shaved head and the big muscle to the Vin Diesel. He became known through Big Brother in 2016, the American Loft Story and for some time he has become a big influencer on the networks.

Well you are going to tell me: another influencer who sells us sunscreen? No way. Because Andrew Tate is a hit with totally misogynistic videos, his fans even nickname him “the king of toxic masculinity”. It’s simple, for him women are lazy, they don’t know how to fight, they are the property of men and have a share of the responsibility if they are raped. In a video, he also says he’s so charismatic that there’s nothing stopping him from putting on a suit and being Batman.

In recent months, Andrew Tate has become a real phenomenon, presenting himself as a kind of guru 2.0. It has 12 million views on Tiktok and 4 million subscribers on Instagram.

But that was before ! Since that’s it, Andrew Tate has been banned from Facebook, Tiktok and Youtube. A decision that they could still have taken earlier because Andrew Tate does not come out of nowhere and is not at his first attempt. As early as 2017, he was banned from Twitter after racist and homophobic sexist tweets and then a year earlier he had been banned from the English Big Brother because a video of him hitting a woman with a belt had been made public. . He later claimed that it was agreed. And to add a layer, he appeared as the support of another banished from the networks: Donald Trump.

It will therefore have been necessary to wait almost 5 years for it to be banned from ALL networks and that thanks to associations of teachers who have raised their voices by seeing more and more students watching Andrew Tate’s videos on Tiktok. So the main question still remains: why did Facebook Youtube Tiktok take so long to ban Andrew Tate? So it’s complicated to have a precise answer, they were happy to have banned it of course. A spokesperson for Tiktok bragged about it to the English newspaper The Guardian saying he doesn’t condone misogyny on their platform.

So yes, except that it still does not explain this timing. Admittedly, it is a job for these networks to constantly clean up their publications, but here we are talking about a public figure who has been reported by many users. And then it’s also a question of algorithm, that of Tiktok for example offers very popular videos on our timelines so that we stay on the application so if Andrew Tate has 1 million views on a video, it is likely that each of us falls on one of his videos when we have nothing in common with him.

His banishment at least puts an end to his influence. Social networks are starting to put in place fairly strict policies on their content since the fake news scandals. But if there is one thing we know: the internet never forgets. Still today on Tiktok and Youtube, there are still a lot of Andrew Tate fan accounts that share his old videos. Fortunately, his ban still puts him in a bad situation where he can no longer monetize his content. But no question of going into subtlety, because the former influencer still published a last video on his website entitled “Final message”. The staging is worthy of an American nanar, he is alone on a chair while noir facing the camera with sad music behind, limits the tear that flows. He tries to pass himself off as a victim in 1 hour of self-centered and unapologetic talk, so a piece of advice don’t give him more views than he deserves and go read a summary on the internet it will be much more interesting.

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