Android 13 Beta 1 – news, compatible phones and how to download


The first beta version of Android 13 is now available, after a short developer preview phase.

After two previous developer releases, android 13 has reached its beta phase. As planned, Google has made the first version official through its official blog for developers. android 13 betawhich from today can be downloaded and installed on compatible devices.

Android 13 Beta It should be a more stable version than the second developer preview released in heavy March. For that reason, Google has enabled the option to download the new version of Android 13 through the Android Beta programto receive the update via OTA and not have to proceed with the manual update.

Also, being a beta version, includes new features and changes that were not present in the preview version.

android 13

Android 13 is the new version of the system, whose launch should take place in the summer of this year 2022

Mobile phones compatible with Android 13 Beta 1

Android 13 Beta 1 is available for all Pixels launched from the year 2019, including the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. It can also be installed on the latest models in the family, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

It is possible to sign up for the Android 13 beta program through the official Android website, selecting the device that you want to associate with the program.

Android 13 Beta 1 is now available: all the news and compatible mobiles

There are still three previous versions of Android 13 to go before the arrival of the final version.

It is also possible to download the OTA images of Android 13 Beta to proceed with their manual installation on any of the compatible devices.

What’s new in Android 13 Beta 1

Android 13 Beta 1 introduces a significant number of new features, although in reality, the bulk of the changes in this new edition of the system will be announced during the upcoming Google I/O 2022where the second beta version of android 13.

Based on the release notes published by Google, reflect the changes introduced by this first beta. Most are changes aimed at developers, including a granular permission management for access to media content by the apps. It does not seem, therefore, that there are too many functional innovations for users. All the changes have been published on the official blog for Android developers.

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