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Manufacturers of mobile devices with the Android operating system, such as: Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc., currently design equipment to withstand regularly high temperatures (45° maximum), however, many ignore this information and expose them to heat more extreme, something that would end up completely spoiling your smartphone.

On this occasion, from Depor we will show you what are the 3 things you do in summer and you don’t know that they damage your cell phone, number two is the most dangerous because there is a risk of the battery exploding.

The information was disseminated by the technology portal ProAndroidthe same one who shared three things you should never do to ensure the good condition of your phone and prevent it from suffering irreparable damage.

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Actions that damage your Android cell phone during the summer

take it to the beach

Everyone wants to take pictures or record videos while enjoying the beach, the problem is that the sand could scratch the screen of the equipment, likewise, the pimples would enter the interior of the device and affect its different components, one of the most affected is the speaker ; on the other hand, salt water is also harmful to electronic devices, even if your mobile is waterproof or sandproof, now imagine what it would do to a smartphone that does not have this feature.

Load it in a hot vehicle

Heat is the worst enemy of phones. During the summer, people tend to leave their vehicle parked on the street and exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, therefore, when they return to enter they feel all the accumulated heat, the most affected part is the driver’s and passenger’s seat, since The heat enters through the windshield.

Many do not care about it, they just open the windows and charge their cell phones in the car, this would cause the power source, the battery, to inflate or start to last for a short time.

Another important detail is that the voltage of the car is not adequate for mobile phones, since it requires more power that will allow you to efficiently charge the equipment’s battery (20W or higher). It is true, you would reach 100% but after several hours connected, likewise, another point against it is that the energy would run out in a matter of minutes or a few hours, depending on its use.

Leave it under water for hours

Previously, we said that there is equipment with water resistance, and it is not a lie, the problem is that it can only be submerged for a few minutes, some leave it under water for hours while taking photos or recording videos.

Is it possible to unlock your cell phone with a photo of your face?

  • Facial recognition is a security tool that only some mid-range and high-end smartphones have, it works like a 3D face scanner. Without delaying the subject, it is possible to unlock your cell phone with a photograph of your face.
  • According to the information disseminated by the technological portal mobile zoneit was learned that the Dutch organization “Consumentenbon” carried out a test or experiment in 2019, which consisted of unlocking 110 cell phones of the Lenovo, Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel, Samsung, Apple brand, among others, using a photo printed in high quality.
  • The result was surprising, from the entire group 42 devices were unlocked. It is important to note that some Samsung brand phones and their Galaxy line passed the test, on the other hand, Apple iPhones too. Would you dare to enable facial unlocking on your cell phone?

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