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Do you have a cell phone with operating system Android? then you will have noticed that at the bottom of the device you see three digital buttons that shine, which make up the section called “navigation bar”. Would you like to know what the main and secondary functions of each one are? It is something that Depor will explain to you immediately. Take note.

Previously, the aforementioned buttons were physical, very similar to those for raising, lowering volume and power, however, the manufacturers considered that it was more economical if they turned them digital, since in this way they could already be customized according to the user’s tastes. .

This means that it is now possible to change the order of the navigation bar, hide the buttons, or replace them with gesture navigation, which was incorporated in Android 10 and remains valid in higher versions.

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Know all the functions of Android digital buttons

The order of the buttons on your device were established by Android and the respective phone brands, they were placed as follows: “Multitask”, “Home” and “Back”, it is possible to change their location, later we will tell you how to do it .

  • Multitasking button (three vertical stripes icon): is probably the least used. It is used to close all the applications that operate in the background, which you do not use but continue to consume your phone’s battery and RAM. Press it and all the windows of the apps you have opened will appear, close the ones you don’t use to optimize the smartphone.
  • Home button (icon of a square with curved edges): Also known as “Home”, it is used to be referred to the interface or main screen of the cell phone, however, if you press it for a few seconds, the “Google Assistant” will be activated, a function that comes by default.
  • Back (arrow icon pointing left): As its name indicates, it is to go back one step or exit an application in progress.

The steps to change the order of Android navigation buttons

  • First enter the “Settings” of your phone.
  • Now, click on the section that says “Screen”.
  • Scroll down and click on the option called “Navigation Bar”.
  • Go to the “Button Order” section.
  • Finally, choose the model that you like the most and you will see the changes immediately.
  • Another alternative is the “Swipe gestures” option, so you will eliminate the buttons and navigate with gestures.

What do the letters “CE” on your Android phone mean?

Like the small letters or the icon of a garbage can, the “CE” is always present in our cell phones:

  • The letters “CE” stand for European Conformity.
  • This means that if your cell phone has those letters they also comply with the standards of the European Union.
  • Likewise, if your Android device has the letters, you can claim or respond to cases such as terminal explosions, fires, among others.
  • On the other hand, if your cell phone does not have the “CE” certification, in case something happens to you, the company will not be able to answer for the event or accident that occurred in Europe.
  • Another detail that you should know is that if the letters “CE” are separated, it corresponds to Conformité Européene. While if they are too close, it means China Export.

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