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The Google Play Store of Android offers you more than three million free applications, although some have their own premium version (paid), however, wallpaper programs are becoming very popular on different social networks, for example: it is possible to add a mirror as wallpaper, an agenda to write things down, fun games, etc.

On this occasion, from Depor we will teach you how to place a 100% transparent home or lock screen wallpaper, the effect will surprise you, even your friends or family will think that they can cross the screen with their hand. To perform the trick it will be necessary to download a third-party application called “live wallpaper”, you get it directly by clicking here.

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The Guide to Adding a Transparent Wallpaper on Android

  • After you have installed the app, open it and grant it all necessary permissions for it to work smoothly.
  • Now, click on the option called “Transparent live wallpaper”.
  • The next step is to click on the section that says “Transparent screen” > a pop-up window will be displayed, click “Allow”.
  • The app will show you a preview. If you like it and want to set it as wallpaper, tap on the “Set wallpaper” button.
  • Finally, choose if you want it to apply to the home screen or home screen and lock.

Remember that as it is an application that uses the camera of your cell phone Android During the 24 hours of the day, the battery can be exhausted in a matter of few hours, if before it lasted eight, now your device will consume it in four and even less time, we suggest that you only activate the effect to surprise your friends.

When should you use airplane mode on your cell phone?

  • It is important to clarify that airplane mode was created to be activated minutes before traveling on a plane, since the cell phone signal could interfere or impair communication between the flight crew and air traffic controllers.
  • It is also possible to use it to save battery, since the energy consumption is much lower when you deactivate all the mobile connections.
  • Even your smartphone will charge faster with this mode activated, we are talking about double speed.
  • It is recommended to turn it on for a few minutes and then turn it off to fix the problems with the WiFi or mobile data connection, it is one of the best solutions because all the connections of your phone will automatically restart without the need to restart it.
  • In case one of your games does not require an internet connection, turn on the airplane mode so that those massive ads that interrupt you do not appear.

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