Android mocks Apple in a giant advertising screen in Las Vegas

From Google they urge Apple to adopt the RCS messaging protocol and mess with the “pixelated” quality of their photographs.

Android mocks Apple in a giant advertising screen in Las Vegas
Google ad screen

Google has entered the year 2023 wanting war. Sundar Pichai’s company has launched a new ad from their #GetTheMessage ad campaign in which they make fun of Apple without any qualms.

They have published an Android digital ad in a big screen Located on the streets of Las Vegas, United States. In it, they send a message to Apple asking them to fix “your pixelated photos.”

There are many technology companies that take advantage of Apple’s elegance to laugh at her without fear of retaliation. The two companies that make fun of Apple the most are Google and Samsung – although we must admit that on many occasions they do so with very well-tuned humor. The last time this happened was in November, when Samsung laughed at Apple users for belonging to a closed ecosystem.

Samsung criticizes the iPhone 14 again in new ads

Android Ad Campaign Highlights RCS Messaging Protocol

The main focus of the Android advertising campaign in Las Vegas is to highlight the advantages of using the RCS protocol. Although in reality they rather seem to want to get Apple’s attention with the aim of getting the company to join the initiative.

What is RCS? Basically it is a new messaging protocol that comes to replace the SMS protocol. RCS (Rich Communication Service) offers great messaging benefits, but Apple does not intend to join to this standard.

The screen that Android has used for its digital advertisement shows a message in which They ask Apple not to lower their arms when it comes to fixing their pixelated photos and videos. In theory, the RCS code improves the resolution of photos, videos, audios and improves encryption, as well as offers support for emoji reactions across multiple platforms.


Android advertising screen in Las Vegas, USA

“Hey Apple. I’m Android. Things haven’t been great in 2022, but you don’t have to give up fixing your pixelated photos and videos. Help Apple #GetTheMessage.”

Why doesn’t the iPhone have lag like it does on Android?

You can watch a video of the digital ad in full here:


First time I’ve even seen an ad for android and it’s going all out

♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

As we indicated previously, it is not the first time that Google messes with Apple. They recently attacked the company, claiming that their iPhone 14 had copied functions present in their Pixel phones.

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