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The first drawing of your children is something that you will never forget, some parents have even framed it to keep it as a memory for a lifetime, however, taking advantage of the technology that the 21st century offers us, from Depor we will teach you a simple trick of Android that will give movement to the drawing that your boy or girl traced.

To perform this trick, you will first have to download a third-party application called “Animation Maker”, which you get directly through the Android Google Play Store or by clicking on the following link.

In addition, the aforementioned app is completely free and easy to use, you will not need to register or pay something additional to use its services, since its monetization system is based on advertising.

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Steps to animate your children’s drawing with the cell phone

It is important to note that Animation Maker It is only compatible with cell phones and tablets that have Android 4.4 or higher versions, it also requires 13 MB and the image of your child’s drawing stored in the gallery of your smartphone, or take a photo of it using the application. Then do the following:

  • First, open the app and grant it the permissions it requires from your mobile Android so that it works without problems.
  • Now, click on the button that says “Upload Photo” (load photos in Spanish) is located below the transitions of drawings.
  • Choose the drawing of your son or daughter.
  • The next step is to tap on “Next” and accept everything for artificial intelligence to analyze.
  • When they show you the lines or points (joints), adjust it according to your criteria, otherwise leave everything as it is, it is recommended.
  • Finally, tap on “Next” again and the animation will be ready.

Why did the selfie camera of the phones stop having flash?

Culminating with the previous idea, when you take a photo with the front camera, a white light does not turn on, but the screen of Android glows fully for a few seconds.

  • The main reason for removing the LED flash is that most of the users didn’t like the look of it on their smartphones.
  • Another reason is that the flash did not allow expanding the screen of cell phones and reducing the edges, that’s why they removed it.
  • Finally, if they had left it, the cameras and sensors would be larger.

So you can divert business calls on your Android cell phone

Before starting, it is necessary to give you a series of recommendations to avoid commercial calls: do not browse insecure web pages, it would be best to use official sites; do not request a lot of information with the same phone number, here the ideal would be to add an email; If business advisors write to you through social networks or messaging applications, such as: WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc., never share your phone number because it will be part of their database. Now apply the following steps:

  • It is possible that the same number has called you on more than one occasion, suddenly you already have it identified.
  • Open the “Calls” application that is installed by default in Android.
  • Click once on the “Spam” number.
  • Some options will be displayed at the bottom, tap on the “i” (information) icon.
  • Click on the button called “Block”, which is located at the bottom.
  • Finally, Android will tell you that “You will no longer receive calls or messages from this number”, confirms the action.

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