Android TV, Google Assistant and ideal for Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day is approaching and Xataka Selection We have shared some offers for this day, such as a steering wheel for Nintendo Switch, headphones true wireless for less than 300 pesos and even a list with excellent options for DC Comics products.

And now for those looking for a good-sized Smart TV, with interesting features and at a good price, at Amazon Mexico we can find the Hisense A4 Series 40-inch television for 3,742 pesos, one of its best prices to date.

Hisense A4 Series 40 Inches, Android TV

Hisense A4 Series 40 Inches, Android TV

It should be remembered that this television comes from abroad, for which we will have to pay an import fee that it will depend on the zip code of our residence. In our case, the cost was 804 pesos, for which the final price was 4,546 pesos.

In addition, being sold by Amazon United States, all users will have the benefit of free shippingor, while priority delivery will be reserved for those users with an active Amazon Prime subscription.

Ideal for a small room or kitchen, this smart TV features a 720p high-definition LCD displaywhich is accompanied with a powerful full LED backlight at work, creating a sharper and more colorful image.

65-inch TCL 4K Smart TV for less than 10,000 pesos at Elektra: Google TV, Dolby Digital and Google Assistant at a great discount

We also have Android TV to be able to download our streaming applications favorites, as well as games and other applications, similar to those of Android mobile devices.

Likewise, it offers us DTS Virtual X audio, which translates into an advanced scalable and versatile post-processing, producing a surround sound virtualizing the content tall over traditional stereos.

And we have a voice remote control, where we can open applications, adjust the volume and search for your favorite programs with your voice. Just press the button on the Google Assistant on your remote.

Amsrt Tv Hisense

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