Ángela Aguilar in trouble with Pepe Aguilar, who in the middle of the concert told her: “Why is that dump you’re wearing so low-cut?”

Angela Aguilar.

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Ángela Aguilar appeared in Zacatecas, along with her father, Mr. Pepe Aguilar. There, the young singer was appointed Cultural Ambassador of the State. With great honor and pride, she thanked the gesture and sang for those present. She then it was her father’s turn to sing her best notes to the rhythm of the mariachi.

Later, the public asked him to continue singing and he decided to ask his daughter to go on stage with him. It was then that the singer, as his father, could not resist and scolded his 18-year-old baby for the low-cut dress in which he appeared on stage.

These were the words of the interpreter: “Two things to tell you, well, three. Many congratulations, the first; the second, shall we play a song? And the third, why is that dump you’re wearing so low-cut?

Pepe defended himself claiming that as a father he couldn’t help it. She took the words of her famous father with humor, and together they sang to all the parents present, because the dates to celebrate the father are already close.

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