Ángela Aguilar leaves: the Aguilar clan leaves the scandal behind and heads for Paris

Ángela Aguilar is a singer famous for her voice and her beauty, she is not a celebrity because of what she reveals about her body.

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Pepe Aguilar did a live on Instagram and announced to the world that he was taking his whole family to Paris. Ángela Aguilar of course went with them. It seems that the patriarch of the clan decided to put land in the middle between Angela and the scandal that she is currently starring in.

But what motivated this trip? Gussy Lau’s supposed relationship with Ángela Aguilar? No. According to the singer, they have all gone to Paris because: “We are going to promote “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras””. Many believe that with this trip the singer is allowing her daughter to separate from everything that is affecting her. Thus allowing the waters to calm down and everyone to stop talking about the famous leak of photographs in which she appears with Gussy Lau.

What happened to the photographs?

Gussy Lau himself spoke about the leaking of the images and it seems that everything happened due to an oversight by the composer himself. Since, according to one of his personal friends, he took a screenshot of a video he had on his phone. This person took the photographs and made them public, all without Angela Aguilar’s consent.

In the last few hours, Gussy also confirmed his romance with Pepe Aguilar’s young daughter. René Humberto Lau Ibarra, better known as Gussy Lau, confirmed that he does have a love relationship with the interpreter and assured that, contrary to what has been mentioned in various media, Pepe Aguilar is not opposed to her. The 33-year-old also asserted that his parents already know each other. That everyone knows that they are dating and that they have been together as a couple since February.

Where are those photos now?

They follow on social networks. Some journalists who had shared the images on their personal Instagram accounts decided to delete their posts. But these are still valid in some accounts, especially on Twitter.

Click here to see the images.

Gussy Lau also said about their relationship: “We started dating a couple of weeks ago, her parents agree and Ángela already knows my parents and our parents know each other. The photos are screenshots that I had, we wanted to keep it private, but a friend of mine took a photo of it and decided to share it online.

For Ángela this has been betrayal and she said so on her Instagram account, with a meaningful video that has already exceeded two million views.

In short, this was what the singer said as Mezcaliente shared: “I feel sad, disappointed. Some photos have been circulating that I never agreed to be released… I feel violated to have my own privacy, to decide about my life, my body and my image. What face can I give my family? I put myself in this position and it was my mistake.”

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