Ángela Aguilar receives “scolding” from her father for the neckline of her dress

MEXICO CITY, June 11 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Ángela Aguilar experienced an embarrassing moment due to a scolding comment she received from her father Pepe Aguilar during a concert they offered in Zacatecas.

The 18-year-old singer was appointed cultural representative of the State and later appeared on stage, where her father was waiting for her; Three things were what Pepe said to his daughter in front of the public: first he congratulated her on the recognition that the state of Zacatecas had given her, then he proposed to sing a song, and finally he asked her why her dress was so low-cut.

“Two things to tell you, well, three. Congratulations, the first. The second, shall we have a song? And the third, why is that dump you’re wearing so low-cut? Excuse me… we say what we feel, so let’s say it with a song”, expressed the son of Antonio Aguilar.

Angela reacted with a smile and for a few seconds she put a hand on her cleavage.

The youngest of the Aguilar dynasty is very active on social networks, where she usually shares moments of her day to day and photos of her looks, which her fans thank with compliments for the great beauty that Flor Silvestre’s granddaughter possesses.

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