Ángela Aguilar uses non-binary language in TikTok video

Angela Aguilar He invited his fans to attend his next presentation that is part of Jaripeo without borders USA, a show in which he performs with his father Pepe Aguilar and his brother Leonardo; this time, Angela’s invitation was different.

The 18-year-old shared a video on TikTok in which she makes the invitation using non-binary language, that is, a neutral language that can refer directly to people who identify outside the she/he binary.

For a word to be considered neutral, the “e” is added to the end of most words instead of the “a” or the “o”, which are binary letters that indicate feminine or masculine.

The show will take place on August 7, Pepe Aguilar’s 54th birthday.

“Hello little angels, little angels, little angels, I’m Ángela Aguilar and I’m very excited,” said the interpreter of “There where they see me” at the beginning of her message in which she wore her abdomen.


Some netizens were not very happy with the language used by Angela.

“Angelites…. I don’t know that language,” it reads.

While other followers approved and explained the reason for the importance of this use:

“The term angelitxs (said angelites) is an inclusive way of speaking for all people who do not identify with a gender, kisses!”

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@angelaaguilar_ I’m so excited to start the Jaripeo Sin Fronteras USA tour #summerslive #pepeaguilar #jaripeosinfronteras2022 original sound – Angela Aguilar 🙂

The Aguilars throw the house out the window For the concerts in the United States of Jaripeo without borders, Pepe Aguilar spares no expense, renting an arena for three days to rehearse an arena in McAllen, Texas, where a team of more than 100 people was .

Angela confessed that she was very surprised by what her father did, because it was surely going to cost a fortune.


The rehearsal was interrupted when Angela distracted her dad with “el gordo”, the family dog.

“Sorry, it’s that my daughter interrupted me with the fat man, could we start again please? Excuse me, but the fat man is the fat man,” Aguilar said.

Pepe recorded part of this essay in a YouTube video.


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