Angélica Rivera reappears and her makeup makes her look 20

Angelica Rivera it became a symbol of beauty during its time in the world of television. Although she currently stays away from the limelight, from time to time she lets herself be seen happier than ever and this time she did it with a makeup of impact.

Through instagram, the 53-year-old actress captivated her fans with her singular elegance. But what captured the attention of internet users was her physical appearance, as she seems to have taken a few years off of her.

One of the last appearances that the former first lady of Mexico made occurred during Christmas. Through an emotional postcard in the company of her daughters Sofía, Regina and Fernanda Castro we were able to observe that the beauty comes from family

Photo: Instagram @sofia_96castro

Angélica Rivera’s glam makeup

The makeup of Angelica Rivera It is perfect if you are interested in trying trickstrends and beauty techniques to rejuvenate the face. So take note because in Last We share everything about this beauty looks.

In recent days, the ex-wife of Enrique Peña Nieto appeared with Victor Guadarramaone of the most recognized Makeup Artist in Mexico, who has also worked with artists such as Manelik, Ximena Navarrete, Kimberly Loaiza, Lele Pons and Erika Buenfil.

Photo: Instagram @vicoguadarrama

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Through a selfie published on Víctor Guadarrama’s Instagram account, Angelica Rivera wore a makeup Extremely flattering glam style for mature women.

Photo: Instagram @vicoguadarrama

The makeup was starred by a game of shadows diffused in warm tones. The unexpected touch was added by a “cut created”, technique that consists of making a cut with concealer from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid to add light.

Based on the “cut created”, Angelica Rivera She wore a satin champagne shade along with a cat eye liner. In short, a combination with which she succeeded in her looks because it gave her a more awake look and with a lifting effect.

Lastly, she applied a natural contour and nude lipstick with gloss. As for her hair, she styled it into messy waves and it turned heads!

Angélica Rivera rejuvenates and looks like Sofia Castro

The result of makeup of Angelica Rivera left her fans so amazed that they did not hesitate to compare her with Sofia Castrothe eldest of the daughters of the actress who is 26 years old.

We have no doubt that mother and daughter are like two drops of water and part of this is due to the fact that they share the same style of makeup subtle, glam and elegant. And with good reason, since both have been made up by Victor Guadarramaresponsible for exalting its beauty.

Photo: Instagram @vicoguadarrama

With this looks as inspiration you will be ready to put on makeup like a professional and apply the tips of the makeup of Angelica Rivera to highlight your look and give your face a much younger appearance.

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