Angelina, do you know why every life is worthy (not “useful”)?


His placing himself at the service of good causes, for the suffering populations, for the threatened environment is admirable. But this is not how the value of a life is measured, of none, not even of those that seem unproductive.

Define “useful”.
Like the money my grandmother still gives me on my birthday even though I’m over thirty. I fendi fog. That thing that you attach to the toilet and sanitize it with every rinse. The Disney plus subscription when you have a five-hour drive with the kids in front of you.
Useful things solve problems for you.

People are useless

That’s why I believe that people cannot fall into this category.

People care for the sick even when they cannot cure them. People remain with one hand on their shoulder even when they cannot wipe their tears or fix the situation.

People feed even though they know that tomorrow is another day and we hope someone will provide. People donate without knowing if they will actually go through. People also love when there are millions of flaws to leave.

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The “waste” of love

People are not “useful” by definition. But people love. And for this, they are indispensable even when they have no solutions to pain, when they do not find the sock that is right there, when they hope without being able to do anything else, when they stay, when Alzheimer’s takes everything away from them, when they are in a bed and depend from others. Yet they can still do. Still receive. Still loving and being loved.

Love vs philanthropy

That’s why, while I appreciate Angelina Jolie’s philanthropy work (I just want to do half the things you do, Ang and be half as sexy in a beekeeper suit), I don’t quite agree with her last statement in the interview. forVanity Fair:

“I think that a life is not worth living if it is of no use to the other among us”.

Let’s understand: it is wonderful to spend oneself on others and everything we don’t give in this life is lost. But let us disengage from the point of view of utility.

The joy of the “useless”

We are those “useless servants” of which the Gospel speaks. Otherwise from love of neighbor to vain glory and delusions of omnipotence is a moment. It is a moment to go from doing for others to doing for oneself.

Of course, Angelina, now too ambassador of the “Woman for bees”, an association created to train young beekeepers and make them independent entrepreneurs (did I tell you that the beekeeper suit is the must have for next season? Women warned…), is animated by the best of intentions.

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We are not measurable in K on social networks

It’s great to see how much you spend on others and I wish I had the power and K’s on Instagram to do half of what she does (instead I’m just godmother of Findus sofficini thawed for dinner at the moment).
But let us remember that profit is not the measure to evaluate our efforts. Even when we spend ourselves for others we are those “useless servants”, because without any logic or profit, not even personal, because we will be “servants for love”.




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