Angelina Jolie, 20 years after the divorce from Thornton, still gives Christmas gifts to her ex-husband’s son –

from Simona Marchetti

Harry himself, now 27, told it in an interview before participating in the reality show “The Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules”, where he is forced to work on a ranch

Angelina Jolie, despite having separated from Billy Bob Thornton almost two decades ago, still maintains contact with his son, Harry, now 27, to the point of always sending him a present at Christmas. The young man, second son of Thornton (66 years old), told it to «Entertainment Tonight». Married to Jolie from 2000 to 2003, he had four children with three different women. «Up to now, every year (Angelina ed) still sends me Christmas presents. We don’t talk to each other on the phone every day, but every now and then we do “.

When his father was related to the actress, Harry was still a child. But the memory he has of the 46-year-old star as a stepmother is pleasant, even funny. “She was really beautiful and very nice. Every week he took us camping and once he even rented a camper and we all went on a trip, ”said Harry Thornton. Jolie’s stepson is now engaged in the reality show “The Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules”
: tells the story of eight famous children who find themselves living on a ranch, without the luxuries and comforts they are used to. “Before starting the show, my dad told me, ‘Please don’t do anything embarrassing.’ But – he concluded laughing – I was not able to follow the advice ».

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