Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s heirs

The boy was born in Cambodia, was adopted when he was a child, and became involved in social and environmental activism with Angelina.

When they were just beginning to date after meeting on the set of the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie adopted a child named Maddox. Then other family members continued to arrive. All the boys, who were considered children of the heart, decided to give their last name to the heartthrob and thus a large family was established with the marriage. First they adopted three children and then biologically adopted three more.

When he turned ten, the couple flew to the United States after living in the Old Continent. There they had a very bad fight and the eldest son named Maddox intervened to put a blanket of peace. As soon as she stepped on solid ground, the actress called the police authorities and started a scandal that continues to this day. He also initiated a suit for custody of the children and a suit for division of property.

In this way, this family remained in the media headlines due to scams and their complaints. Since the boy intervened to defend his mother, a fight broke out that his father was not okay with. That is to say, he never spoke fluently again as far as adhering to what was politically correct was concerned.

Let’s remember that the guy was born in Cambodia, he was adopted when he was a child and he joined Angelina in social and environmental activism. On his part, today he is of legal age and can now take his own decisions. On the other hand, his academic performance in university has been very good, earning a degree in Biochemistry in South Korea. His mother and siblings visit him regularly there. Parents support this decision and consider vocational training very important. At present the young man is not doing any work.

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