Angelina Jolie and her daughter in real trouble after a dispute over a plate of food

Regardless of where she is, with whom, and surrounded by various admirers, Angelina Jolie always looks for a way to please and make her children feel loved and respected, but when someone tries to change this, the true lioness she hides within herself comes out.

One of the things that the American actress and businesswoman loves and values ​​most Angelina JolieIt is, without a doubt, her motherhood, which she has performed very well, both with her adopted children, and with those who have been born from her own womb. Together they add up to five in total.

Going from living in several of the poorest countries and with the most social inequality in the world, to having a luxurious room in the heart of the Pitt Jolie home, was without a doubt the best thing that could happen to Maddox, Pax and Zahara. , after Angelina Jolie I will adopt them.

Since then they were reborn in the midst of the luxuries and fame of their parents’ lives, Angelina Jolieand Brad Pitt, when they were still married and had not brought their biological children Shiloh and the twins Knox and Vivienne into the world, who have the same rights and duties as their siblings.

For your upbringing Angelina Jolie She has not set any limits, much less any barriers to any of her six children, and contrary to what many might think, not even in what they want and want to eat, the actress interferes, who in her own diet if it is extremely demanding.

However, it was this same freedom that once put the Angelina Jolie together with her daughter Zahara, who was served in a restaurant on one occasion, the same thing her mother had requested. However, the dish was not to her liking, so Angelina Jolie She asked the kitchen staff to change it to something her daughter would like, but the chef disliked this very much, causing him to approach them and they had an unpleasant and heated encounter.

Angelina Jolie the American actress, director, producer, businesswoman and philanthropist. Photo: Diario AS

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