Angelina Jolie and the double-breasted coat of 1,000 lives

Angelina Jolie lives immersed in minimalism and its basic double-breasted coat it is the culmination; the best representation of this trend based on plain garments and simple cuts. The actress, whom photographers spotted walking with one of her daughters through New York City yesterday, was itself a style lesson. A “so, yes.” A “less is much more, and also for life”. Sober but capable of communicating more than a long jacket with yellow hair, he is one more honors on the record.

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Angelina Jolie, out for a walk in New York.TheImageDirect.com

Little description needs the double-breasted coat of the protagonist of Tomb Rider. What we see is what it is. Maybe more than it seems, but never less. Standard bearer of the style popularized by Calvin Klein in the nineties, the actress who better wear Gancini sandals, is the one that best controls conciseness when it comes to dressing. And if we talk about jackets, trench coats or coats, more.

The one from yesterday, dark, below the knee, with tuxedo lapels, side pockets and a dressing-gown belt, is not the first we have seen in this style and it will not be the last. The one that best suits suits because it has an extra elegant point, is the one that we would also wear with leggings Y ultra mini ugg boots.

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