Angelina Jolie and the incredible resemblance to a beloved Disney Princess

Originally the appearance of the Disney Princess of Beauty and the Beast recalled the appearance of the diva Angelina Jolie.

It was 1991 when the animated film was released in cinemas The beauty and the Beast by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. Beautiful she was the fifth princess to be introduced to the Disney universe since 1937 snow-white debuted on the big screen. In 2017 Walt Disney Pictures produced the film adaptation directed by Bill Condon. For the lead role, Emma Watson was chosen, known to the general public for the saga of Harry Potter, We are infinite and the most recent film Little Women. However, not everyone knows that Belle’s original face can be traced back to another Hollywood celebrity.

Angelina Jolie’s incredible resemblance to the Disney Princess de The beauty and the Beast

The same year that The beauty and the Beast released in theaters, 16-year-old Angelina Jolie made her appearance in the music video Stand by My Woman by Lenny Kravitz (which you can see here) and then star in Hackers in 1995 with Jonny Lee Miller. What do Disney Princess and Angelina Jolie have in common? For a long time, Belle’s appearance was not associated with Watson’s (who wasn’t even born)but to Angelina.

The voice actress Paige O’Harawho was Belle’s voice from 1991 to 1998, claimed that the original concept Belle resumed the characteristics of Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Wood and the final result recalls the face of Angelina Jolie. Also, the Disney animator James Baxter he explained that in designing Belle, an attempt was made to give her a more European look with plump lips, dark brows and slightly smaller eyes compared to the protagonist of the previous cartoon, that is Ariel de The little Mermaid released in 1989.

However, Angelina Jolie makes her Disney universe debut playing the role of Maleficent in Maleficent The Secret of Sleeping Beauty in 2014, as a live action remake of the animated film The Sleeping Beauty of 1959, and in the sequel Maleficent – Mistress of evil in 2019. Throughout her career, Angelina has proven to be aeclectic actress and it doesn’t mean we won’t see her starring in a new Disney fairy tale.

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