Angelina Jolie and the most iconic cars of her career

Angelina Jolie is an actress of great talent and versatility. From action to drama, she has been able to embody different shades of performance art. Today we will delve into the cars that marked her film career. Join us in this bold story below.

Born in the sunny Los Angeles Californiain the year 1975, Angelina Jolie since she was a child she had the dramatic arts as a goal. Since her official debut in cyborg 2 (1993), Jolie with more or less assiduity has not left the big screen.

Winner of a Oscarfor Best Supporting Actress for her enormous role in Girl, Interrupted, where she shared the shoot with the talented Winona Ryder, both delivering a drama about madness, confinement and medication. In turn, it is worth mentioning, they have delivered three Golden Globes and two awards Screen Actors Guild.

Outside of the laurels, which are usually unfair with a career, Jolie -without a doubt- set fire to an era of cinema. The roles of her as Lara Croft or as Sara “Sway” Wayland in 60 seconds they are endearing.

At Tork, we enjoy when automotive and film culture intermingle. Today we will delve into the three cars that marked Angelina’s career.

3. Mercedes-Benz C 320, from Mr and Mrs smith (2005)

Mercedes-Benz C 320, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

In 2005 this film was released that mixes action and romance. Directed by Doug Liman and starring Jolie and Pittwill remember the covert and quite violent adventures of this marriage.

Now, every undercover agent needs a “common” car, one that goes unnoticed in the neighborhood or at work. And the choice could not have been better. A family car from Mercedes. They are specifically about a Mercedes-Benz C-320 full gray. The “silver” gray, remember, is the flagship color of the German house Mercedes.

2. Jeep Wrangler, from Tomb Raider: The Cure of Life (2003)

Jeep Wrangler, from Tomb Raider: The Cure of Life.

the adventure movie tomb Raider, inspired by the homonymous video game, had a great impact at the beginning of this century. Partly because of its plot of action and vertigo, partly because of the great personification of Angelina Jolie and partly because of the strong aesthetics of the character that was correctly adapted to the big screen.

The iconic model used by Jolie was developed especially for this film. Its about Wrangler Rubicon Tomb Raiderand it has a few features that are unique: 16-inch full-aluminum wheels, diamond-plate bumpers, and classic white bodywork from the video game.

1.Dodge Viper SRT-10, from SE busca (2008)

Dodge Viper SRT-10, from Wanted.

Of course the viper of SE busca, in full red, takes first place. This film, based on the comic by Mark Millarand the secret “La Fraternity” that it brings with it, came to light in 2008.

With a dark, urban and somewhat sexual aesthetic, SE busca caught the eye. And what to say about viper red that is, by little, one more protagonist. Jolie driving it and shooting at the same time, boy did it work. Color fact: the vast majority of risk scenes in this film were carried out by the athletic and elastic Jolie.

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