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In this show business, Image is a fundamental part of actresses’ careers. Many times in the quest to live up to standards of beauty, achievement is achieved Roles in films or series resort to something strict diet,

In case of celebrities like famous american actressAngelina Jolie is exactly that, as the film’s villain ‘harmful’ made a distinction between Actresses who live by their beautyHer shape and her thinness.

It is wonderful to watch the actress because she 48 yearswe see it like this Beautiful and elegant than your fans He has asked her to tell him the secret of her beauty and although it may seem like a lie. everything is based on food,

We have always seen her slim, well-built and her talent has taken her to stardom great movies that were successful,

What is your Angelina Jolie’s diet and what does she eat?

let’s remember this You should be wary of diets that claim to lose several kilos. Within a few days, as these are neither healthy nor recommended.

It is important that if you choose a diet is provided under an expert Since it is related to your height, your body weight and other aspects.

Recently, Angelina revealed to the famous American media that she has been… Stopped consuming sugar, coffee and tobacco, Although he confessed that he just eats Steamed lean beef and fish with vegetables, sugar-free drink and soy or vegetable milk,

However, Does not consume any processed, diet soda or fast food She demands a lot from herself and that’s why she’s successful Stay fit during this time; But for some internet users they mention that she exaggerates her thinness And others applaud them for this change in habits.

Which diets are known to be extreme and high risk?

Ahead, we’ll review some of the most extreme and weird diets that actresses have adopted in 2023.

1. ”liquid diet“: This diet includes replace solid foods with liquids, such as smoothies, juices, or soups, during a certain period of time. Although May help you lose weight fasterMany experts warn that it may be nutritionally inadequate and lead to deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals.

2.’‘The Moon Diet’According to some actresses, this diet based on lunar influence and establishes that these should only be consumed Liquid foods during full moon and new moon, However, there is no scientific evidence to support this notion and experts say it could be dangerous due to the lack of essential nutrients.

3. “air diet”: This controversial diet purports to claim that it is possible to easily obtain all essential nutrients. getting fresh air and not eating, However, experts have claimed that some actresses follow this diet. They warn that this is completely unsustainable and can cause serious health problems. Due to lack of nutrients.

It is important to note that these extreme and strange diets are considered dangerous and unhealthy by many experts. However, it must be remembered Every person is unique and nutritional needs vary from person to person.

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