Angelina Jolie has mysteriously got tattoos on the palms of her hands.

Nowadays getting tattoo is not a new thing. Nor are they dedicated to anything or anyone. However, things change when you are a ‘celebrity’ and you have hundreds of followers behind you who try to find a reason for everything.

It’s true that sometimes tattoos speak for themselves, as is the case with the latest ink design by Laura Ascens, but other times, no matter how hard they try, they just can’t get it right.

and yes, that’s exactly what happened Angelina Jolie has made new and mysterious tattoos. The Hollywood actress has added two more pictures to her collection, and she has done so in an area where we don’t usually see them: on the fingers of the hand. Specifically, on the inside of each of his middle fingers. and of course, his followers have lacked the time to revolutionize Begin to speculate about whether or not they are dedicated to Brad Pitt.

It is true that the couple got divorced way back in 2016, so why would Angelina Jolie dedicate her new tattoo to her ex-husband? It doesn’t make much sense except for the strategic location they are in.

And to put an end to the incessant rumors spreading through the network, there is no one better than the actress’ own tattoo artist to go out and refute all kinds of gossip and thus confirm that no, they are in any way related to Brad. Not dedicated.

A clue that gives us somewhat of a sour-sweet taste as the image that has been uploaded is pixelated and nothing can be seen. Besides, since Angelina Jolie hasn’t shared any photo on her Instagram yet And in fact, we highly doubt he does, we can’t really know what he keeps on his fingers.

To be able to see the tattoo it will be necessary to wait for the monitoring of the actress, but in the meantime, her tattoo artist already invites all fans to guess the interpreter.

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